Ganesh Saili

When power corrupts

One is always in love with something or the other.

15 Sep 2018

Feeding the Evil

You could call this a delightful long short story or a fast-paced novella.

25 Aug 2018

El dorado and the dark underbelly

Nadia Akbar’s Goodbye Freddie Mercury is a moveable feast of words, where the reader arrives in Lahore to find it on fire—it usually is.

17 Aug 2018

Underbelly rumblings

It involves an 18-month-long surveillance operation that takes within its orbit Afghanistan, Dubai and New Delhi.

04 Aug 2018

'The Love Song of Maya K': Darker than dark take on life

Juxtaposing love and betrayal, dogma versus superstition; sexuality with unrequited desires, all the characters spring from the emerging new India in Shuma Raha’s 13 short stories.

14 Jul 2018

The plot thickens

Can the protagonists overcome an ancient power set on wreaking vengeance? Or will the universe succumb?

12 May 2018

Journey through contemporary history

Five childhood friends take the reader into a charmed world, where the undergrowth drips with nostalgia.

28 Apr 2018

Reading 'Evil in the Mahabharata': Layered narratives

The Mahabharata is the ultimate book of rules for the conduct of mankind, and continues to inspire writers

14 Apr 2018

Judgment day

Jay, a loveable fool and a petty dope dealer teaches us while on the move, giving the reader a ready-reckoner into the lives of the stereotyped.

07 Apr 2018

An adventure into the clouds

Schoolchildren on the run travel in search of a hidden valley, high in the snow-covered mountains.

24 Feb 2018

How the wheel of time turns

A simplistic mingling of mystical symbolism which cannot move to the next level, as the author seems happy to keep the tension going

17 Feb 2018

His work carries on: A book for believers

Here is a reminder that real miracles are the ones that we take for granted

13 Feb 2018

A world torn apart by war

This is a world stripped of all the genteel veneer of goodness where injustice, poverty and its many ills rule

23 Dec 2017

Pre-liberalisation in purvanchal

It’s a world when India stood at a crossroads of a stifling socialist order and the apparently problem of poverty

25 Nov 2017

An antholgy that does Madras proud

Laying no claims to have covered every aspect, here is a ground plan to guide you in the city

26 Oct 2017