Ganesh Saili

From the winner to the vanquished

Right at the beginning, from the very first line, the author takes the reader 3,000 miles away from the plains of Gangetic India in the north to the coast of palm-fringed Kerala.

02 Feb 2019

Picking up the threads

Dateline: March 2015. An accomplished Tamil writer announces his ‘death’ on Facebook. He grimly pens a poem announcing his anger that could make him ‘sing a song of curses at all of you’.

27 Jan 2019

Carried forward in translation

For those unable to dip into the reservoir of literature written in our regional languages, here’s this slim but powerful selection.

12 Jan 2019

Being Indian in South Africa today

The fault lines run deep. Four generations later, South Africans of Indian descent are still struggling to come to grips with the new Rainbow Nation.

06 Jan 2019

A star looks back

The 18th century warrior king lived and died by the sword.

22 Dec 2018

Peek into the unknown

Easterine Kire’s celebrated novel—the first Naga novel in English— takes the reader to the battles between Britain and the Nagas between 1832 and 1880.

10 Nov 2018

Reclaiming lost childhood

Tim Guest’s My Life in Orange is the tale of a childhood denied.

21 Oct 2018

An African time travel

Once in a while comes a work of fiction that tells an extraordinary tale set in extraordinary times.

14 Oct 2018

An Unpredictable Voyage

She makes the unbelievable credible; approximating the remote and making the impossible possible.

07 Oct 2018

Guy Gunaratne's 'In Our Mad and Furious City' book review: In an alienated world

Nig-nog! Nig-nog!’ lisped two little boys trailing my daughter Tania, a tough Soho newsperson, as she walked home. She was on a private visit to meet up with her extended family in London.

30 Sep 2018

When power corrupts

One is always in love with something or the other.

15 Sep 2018

Curtain falls on the mercedes massacre

Author Stephen King takes the readers to a dimension where the supernatural melts and mingles with crisp detective fiction

01 Oct 2016