Gautam Chintamani

Games lost in adaptation

The last few years have seen the video games become both silly and complex.

17 hours ago

The Alien: Ray's screenplay inspiration for two Spielberg sci-fi classics?

Some years later Spielberg denied the charges but the similarities between key moments in his films and Ray’s vision are too uncanny.

16 Sep 2018

Let’s hear the other side

In India today, there is ample potential for any statement with just the slight hint of political affiliation to divide people into two distinctive rumbustious groups.

25 Aug 2018

Unravelling the quintessential composer

There is little doubt that the profusion of S D Burman’s gifts as a musician continue to make him the quintessential artiste even after 43 years of his death.

11 Aug 2018

Vivek Agnihotri's Urban Naxals: The Making of Buddha in a Traffic Jam | Going beyond the Maoist myth

Urban Naxals is searingly honest but it also logically demolishes a kind of a mythical world existing within India that for far too long romanticised the ideas of an armed revolution.

09 Jul 2018

Eyes keep shifting to the rearview mirror

A misguided romanticism of what was lost in the fire has for long been the fulcrum for most communication between India and Pakistan.

21 Jun 2018

Indira for the millennials

Mrs Indira Gandhi’s birth centenary, 2017, saw a spate of books that besides re-examining one of India’s tallest political leaders also tried to reinterpret her in the context of contemporary times.

21 Apr 2018

Power women of Bombay cinema

This richly detailed encyclopaedic account presents the changing role of the courtesan in Hindi films across eight decades

12 Mar 2018

Reliving the pain of partition

Much celebrated poet-writer and filmmaker Gulzar attempts to try lay to rest the horrors of the cataclysmic event of 1947 that have haunted him ever since

20 Jan 2018

The chessboard of empires

Using previously available material and long-buried archives, the lucid writing merges legends and historical details.

18 Nov 2017

Putting a woman in ‘her lane’ won’t be tolerated anymore

The last few weeks have done more to bring in the open the sheer degree of violence against women in our society than anything else in a long, long time.

02 Nov 2017