Gautam Pingle

Addressing the constitutional deadlock

The true role for the state is that of a regulator and umpire, but it cannot do this if it becomes a player along with the rest of us

02 Sep 2019

The many confusions in Constitution

Constitution is based on foreign concepts. It is interpreted by experts trained in Anglo-Saxon law. This has made things even more complex

13 Jul 2019

What sort of modernity do voters want?

While people want material progress that ‘modernity’ implies, they also want respect for their religious and cultural traditions

07 Jun 2019

How to transform adolescents

A young boy ran away from his home in Hyderabad and eventually ended up in a farm in Punjab. What happened after that?

22 Apr 2019

Training our civilian elites

The military academies provide general education with specific training needed in the armed forces.

11 Mar 2019

Rules of a traditional society

Since Independence, there have been no serious attempts at introducing a credible set of national principles applicable to all citizens.

07 Feb 2019

A balance between order and chaos

There are two major challenges that concern civil servants.

14 Jan 2019

Rethinking the state of our nation

Over the decades, all state institutions have become corrupt and are unable to deliver the services that a citizen expects

14 May 2018

Hindu-Muslim ties in the Deccan

The Bahmanis initially unleashed terror on civilians. Later, they came to an understanding with Vijayanagar leading to calmer times

10 Apr 2018

A primer on the Babri Masjid case

Today, the Supreme Court will hear appeals challenging the 2010 Allahabad High Court verdict on the Ayodhya case

12 Aug 2017

The problem with public services

Most IAS officers are subjected to directions from elected representatives with the real threat of transfer if directions are ignored

10 Jul 2017