George Poikayil

This loss of interest call may SPARK a new trend

Finance Minister T M Thomas Issac’s Islamic Bank may still be in the hatchery, but he has soft launched an initiative - primarily aiming at the government employees from the Muslim community and might give a boost to the state exchequer.

23 Apr 2017

IS suspect from Padna killed in US bombing in Afghanistan

T K Mursheed Ahmed, a native of Vadakepuram in Padna who left for Syria to join the IS, has been killed in a drone attack in Afghanistan.

14 Apr 2017

UIDAI relents. Sujitha to finally get Aadhaar card

The coldness of the system has given way to compassion at last. Sujitha’s arduous wait for the Aadhaar has finally come to a happy  end. 

06 Apr 2017

There is water at the end of the suranga

‘Express’ takes a close look at this traditional water-harvesting system, that is essential and yet neglected

22 Mar 2017

From the heart of the hills, he sculpts water

AT 67, Chaliya Kunhambu is the quintessential suranga man. Finding water is his unwavering mission.

22 Mar 2017

Dying to keep alive a four-century-old mystic tradition

It may sound straight from the plot of a fantasy thriller.

19 Mar 2017

Kerala's Sujitha is paralysed and mute, but UIDAI system cannot read fine print

Sujitha, 23, sits drooling on the porch secured by a wire mesh. Her paralysed hands are fisted on her lap and immobile legs rest on a low footstool.

16 Mar 2017

MLA’s ‘interference’ leaves Immigration Bureau in turbulence

The Bureau of Immigration under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has accused Kasargod MLA and Indian Union Muslim League leader N A Nellikkunnu of meddling in the immigration affairs at the Mangalor

13 Mar 2017

Beyond the Islamic State veil, Kerala's Padna an Eden of religious harmony

When five young Muslim families left home in Padna village to the land of the Islamic State, the story sat pretty with the larger narrative of Kasargod being a communal cauldron.

02 Mar 2017

Father of the Kerala man arrested for Islamic State links cries foul

The NIA released a statement saying Mouinudheen arrived in New Delhi from Abu Dhabi on Tuesday (February 14) and was arrested on Wednesday.

16 Feb 2017

Vaninagar's victims of endosulfan: 17 years later, no respite 

Most endosulfan victims of Vaninagar have been paid solatium partially but denied adequate healthcare.

23 Jan 2017

After dark days, Robin’s dreams get a powerful lift

 He should have been the poster boy of powerlifting in Uttar Pradesh. But nearly 2,500 km away from home, he is guarding the perimeter of a luxury hotel in Kasargod

30 Dec 2016

Demonetisation holds no demons for Kerala's cooperative banks

SCBs are unfazed by the mammoth task of converting their bundles of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes into fresh legal tender.

10 Nov 2016

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