George Poikayil

Cable operators of Kerala to push broadband, OTT service

COA’s company Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL) is set to become the largest broadband service provider in the state before Onam.

20 Feb 2018

Award-winning Asura turns college dropout Fahad into a real game changer

Launched in 2017, Asura has already sold around 50,000 copies mostly in China, the US, and UK. It is priced at $10 abroad and Rs 250 in India.

19 Feb 2018

‘I want to see Carnatic music and koothu treated on a par’

: I am in a long-term game, a marathon, says maverick Carnatic singer and writer T M Krishna. The game is about shattering the exclusivity and elitism around art forms.

06 Feb 2018

Endosulfan disaster: Activist Daya Bai to file PIL against government

Daya Bai said the government was blind and deaf to the suffering of the endosulfan victims, and only the court can shake it.

29 Jan 2018

For sustainable water  routes, do not dig deep

In what could be a sustainable answer to the quest for water in Kerala's Kasargod, the farmers of the northern parts of the district are considering experimenting with horizontal borewells.

21 Jan 2018

Do not dig deep for sustainable route to water

In what could be a sustainable answer to Kasargod’s quest for water, the farmers of the northern parts of the district are considering experimenting with horizontal borewells.

15 Jan 2018

Nativity crib sits pretty on tip of a match stick

At a time when Christmas has gone extravagant, Venkatesh Putta, a goldsmith in Kasargod, has tried  to capture the spirit of the season in the infinitesimal.

24 Dec 2017

Vice-Chancellor of the Central University of Kerala in dock for drawing ‘double salary’

In a likely case of financial impropriety and and a potential major embarrassment to the Central University of Kerala (CUK), vice chancellor G Gopa Kumar has been claiming “undue pension benefit".

22 Nov 2017

Off to fight a blight on pomegranates

Sruthi S was jittery but a Google search partially calmed her. The 25-year-old found Florida is like Kerala - seascape, roads lined with coconut palms, and with lots of Malayalees.

20 Nov 2017

It’s family members who still bear the brunt

Just when the parents in Padna, whose children had joined the IS, were beginning to get back to being anonymous, another voice clip from their now infamous son Rashid Abdulla started doin

19 Nov 2017

Underprivileged Kerala boy suffering from rare disease is on a mission find cures through genetic research

Ashrai Kumar, 16, enduring Behcet's disease has made it to the IRIS National Science Fair and is determined to become a medical research scientist.

27 Oct 2017

Kerala lawyer panned for criticising face veil in college

Shukkur was bullied and abused on Facebook for picking apart a photograph of around 100 college girls posing with district police chief K G Simon.

24 Oct 2017

Protests drown ambitious solar plans in Kasargod

In a big jolt to Kerala’s ambitious energy plans, the government -- under pressure from CPM-ruled panchayats -- has scaled down the solar project in Kasargod to 50MW from the targeted 200MW.

21 Oct 2017

A promising boxer who grapples with life

At 7 pm every day, Akshay Kumar H, 18, can be seen punching the heavy bag at the Lion’s Boxing Club in Kanhangad.

09 Oct 2017