George Poikayil

Protests drown ambitious solar plans in Kasargod

In a big jolt to Kerala’s ambitious energy plans, the government -- under pressure from CPM-ruled panchayats -- has scaled down the solar project in Kasargod to 50MW from the targeted 200MW.

18 hours ago

A promising boxer who grapples with life

At 7 pm every day, Akshay Kumar H, 18, can be seen punching the heavy bag at the Lion’s Boxing Club in Kanhangad.

09 Oct 2017

Hospitals refuse to give salary hike; nurses plan to relaunch stir

Fifty nurses were fired in Kasargod and Kannur districts after the agitation, says Indian Nurses’ Association.

04 Oct 2017

Kepco distributes roosters to boost egg production

Why is Nileshwaram waiting for Dolly Parton? Because only she can change a rooster to a hen with one shot.

29 Sep 2017

Crushed under timber trying to save a friend, this artist on crutches, is a big source of inspiration

On November 16, 2015, Rajesh was crushed under a timber while trying to save a friend. Six ribs were broken, one of them puncturing lung.

21 Sep 2017

Computer firm accused of using Minister's name as sales pitch in schools

Revenue Minister E Chandrasekharan said Kasargod-based computer supplier Blue Moon Systemz was misleading and pressuring government schools to buy computers from it by suggesting it was “in adjustme

18 Sep 2017

Women-only WhatsApp group shocked to know pregnancy expert Ayesha is a man

He was busted when a member, who was pregnant, grew suspicious of Ayesha's identity because of his intimate questions

13 Sep 2017

11-year-old to give craft course to prisoners

Next month, when Cheemeni Open Jail begins its craft course, the inmates will literally sit up and take notice.

01 Sep 2017

‘Kerala becomes prone to dam-induced tremors’

Around 65 earthquakes were reported from Idukki every year in 2002, 2003, and 2004. They cannot be tectonic-linked as tectonic earthquake.

27 Aug 2017

Kasargod tribal student: The story of dreams, struggles and accomplishment

The story of Bineesh Balan portrays the hurt and humiliation faced by Dalits pursuing higher education.    

11 Aug 2017

So ST students have it easy? See what Kerala's Binesh Balan braved to get to London

The passage to England, a matter of ease for students from privileged classes, was a hard-fought one for Binesh Balan who fought a casteist bureaucracy for four years, that was determined to fail him.

07 Aug 2017

The last (check) post

Team Express fans out to the major check posts in the state and finds the GST regime has reduced tax officers to sitting ducks.

09 Jul 2017

HRD Minister Javadekar has meals in poor man’s hut, offers food for thought

Kanathil colony, atop a hill in Kodom-Belur panchayat, had an air of festivity. The 42 families from Mavilan tribe in the settlement have joined hands to prepare the biggest feast of their lives. 

09 Jun 2017

Kerala village comes together to quadruple school enrollments

Last June when schools reopened, Government Junior Basic School (GJBS) in Peral grabbed the headlines.

04 Jun 2017