George Poikayil

Kerala: PM Modi's lookalike to star in Kannada film 'Statement 8/11' based on demonetisation

M P Ramachandran (64) was waiting for a train to Bangalore when a college student took his snap and posted it on Facebook with the caption: PM Modi in Payyannur railway station.

4 hours ago

Kerala: Adivasi victims of crime not compensated since 2014, officers say delay in providing monetary relief taking a toll on conviction rate

The delay in paying relief is having a direct bearing on the conviction rate as the poor witnesses are turning hostile during the trial, said an officer.

24 Apr 2018

When flowers, pots and crackers embrace Vishu

Vishu, an occasion to burst crackers and enjoy a resplendent ‘kani’ at the break of dawn. Kerala’s summertime harvest festival is perhaps a good time to ponder over the dwindling community of potters.

15 Apr 2018

Three pesticide labs to go on stream in a month

Owing to lack of working capital and staff, labs costing Rs 3 crore each had been lying idle.

02 Apr 2018

Central University of Kerala plans to set up cyber team to counter ‘canards’

 In a first in the state, the Central University of Kerala is planning to set up a cyber team of 10 students to counter ‘canards’ against it on social media. The proposal comes against the backdrop

26 Mar 2018

Punchapadam farming scheme ‘raises’ income by per cent

Under the ‘Punchapadam’ scheme, officers from the Agriculture Department first formed a collective of 30 farmers owning paddy fields at Malapp.

20 Mar 2018

Punchapadam farming: Officers, scientists go through meticulous methods

The success of Malapp encouraged farmers of Kannamkai to take up paddy farming last year.

20 Mar 2018

In Kerala's Kasargod, a retired sub-inspector lives under police protection

C Balakrishnan recalls how on April 27, 2010, a group of CPM workers led by then panchayat president and local secretary came to his house and threatened to kill him. 

14 Mar 2018

A College dropout in Kerala excels as video game maker

Zainuddeen Fahad, 27, and his Hyderabad-based startup Ogre Head Studio have been hacking and slashing to glory with their PC-based combat game ‘Asura’.

25 Feb 2018

Cable operators of Kerala to push broadband, OTT service

COA’s company Kerala Communicators Cable Limited (KCCL) is set to become the largest broadband service provider in the state before Onam.

20 Feb 2018

Award-winning Asura turns college dropout Fahad into a real game changer

Launched in 2017, Asura has already sold around 50,000 copies mostly in China, the US, and UK. It is priced at $10 abroad and Rs 250 in India.

19 Feb 2018

‘I want to see Carnatic music and koothu treated on a par’

: I am in a long-term game, a marathon, says maverick Carnatic singer and writer T M Krishna. The game is about shattering the exclusivity and elitism around art forms.

06 Feb 2018

Endosulfan disaster: Activist Daya Bai to file PIL against government

Daya Bai said the government was blind and deaf to the suffering of the endosulfan victims, and only the court can shake it.

29 Jan 2018

For sustainable water  routes, do not dig deep

In what could be a sustainable answer to the quest for water in Kerala's Kasargod, the farmers of the northern parts of the district are considering experimenting with horizontal borewells.

21 Jan 2018

Do not dig deep for sustainable route to water

In what could be a sustainable answer to Kasargod’s quest for water, the farmers of the northern parts of the district are considering experimenting with horizontal borewells.

15 Jan 2018