Gyalwang Drukpa

Your karma will follow you

Sometimes people feel the need to blame misfortune on some great being or the universe.

02 Feb 2019

One step leads to another 

As you sit here reading this article, the world around you is changing, minute to minute.

06 Jan 2019

Redefine How You Live

I don’t like to say negative things about the modern world in which we live.

29 Nov 2018

Parenting is serious business

Parenting is a serious responsibility and it starts in infancy.

27 Oct 2018

Discipline and Diligence

In the modern world, many people are not really sure if discipline or diligence is such a good thing.

23 Sep 2018

Struggle-free mind is the key to happiness

Happiness and excitement are often confused as synonymous; genuine joy comes to those who constantly practise it as a habit

17 Dec 2016

No time like the present to be happy

Build on all the good things and, if there are things that you would like to change
in your life, start small and start today

30 Sep 2016