Harpreet Bajwa

Protests in five districts of Haryana over Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 'Padmavati’

The protests which are going on against the movie `Padmavati’ across the Hindi belt in the country have now spread in Haryana too, in five districts of the state.

12 hours ago

Pakistan's Punjab province CM writes to Amarinder Singh on pollution

Pakistan's Punjab province chief minister Shehbaz Sharif has suggested to his Indian Punjab counterpart a regional cooperation arrangement to tackle the issue of smog as well as pollution.

13 hours ago

Punjab cops to throw security blanket over witnesses

After Delhi and Maharashtra, Punjab will be the third state to launch policy to protect eyewitnesses

19 Nov 2017

Soon, uniform parking policy for Punjab’s 164 cities

The Punjab government has decided to introduce a uniform parking policy in the state, which may get implemented after the municipal elections in December.

19 Nov 2017

Chandigarh Diaries - 3D Zebra crossing, crackdown on illegal paying guests and cancellation of  JW Marriot Hotel's lease

The city got its first 3-D zebra crossing at the Sector 7-26 traffic signal to make vehicles slow down. If the plan goes well, more such zebra crossings may be painted across the city at traffic signa

17 Nov 2017

North India Air pollution: Khattar, Kejriwal discuss stubble burning, vehicular emission; pledge to fight smog in 2018

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Tuesday had rejected Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's plea for a meeting on stubble-burning and air pollution in the National Capital Region.

15 Nov 2017

Anti-Sikh riots: Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler face assassination threat, say Punjab Police

The Punjab Police have received alerts that Congress leaders Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler and six other leaders are on the hit-list of Sikh radicals and face assassination threat.

15 Nov 2017

Chandigarh gangster posts on Facebook that he killed Hindu leader as revenge

Saraj Singh Sandhu stated the murder was in revenge as Sharma had conspired to kill his friend’s father, and that that the killing should not be linked to religion.

13 Nov 2017

Pakistan’s sugary treat for India

Things between India and Pakistan may be sour, but bilateral trade at Wagah-Attari is throwing truckloads of sweetener into it.

12 Nov 2017

Navjot Singh Sidhu seeks IPS officers for IAS posts ‘to clear files’

Local Bodies and Tourism Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has sought to depute an IPS officer as the Administrative Secretary in the department.

12 Nov 2017

Now smog over Chandigarh; pollution levels soar 341 per cent higher than annual average

Chandigarh Pollution Control Committee's member secretary P J S Dadwal said this is the first time that Chandigarh has pollution of such levels.

10 Nov 2017

Air pollution: Punjab CM requests PM Modi to convene meeting for CMs of affected states

Singh has also again sought compensation from the PM for farmers for crop residue management to check the dangerous trend of stubble burning.

10 Nov 2017

Jalandhar bats with Pakistani goods

Sialkot is exporting bats to Jalandhar in Punjab, where local traders put Indian stickers and ‘made in India’ tags on them before selling them in the domestic market

05 Nov 2017

Parties rain job promises on Himachal Pradesh voters

Congress created 75k jobs in 5 years. Now it’s promising 1.5 lakh if Himachal’s voters will give it another chance

02 Nov 2017

Haryana government orders teachers to undergo priest training ahead of religious event

The school teachers have been asked to take priests training and perform pooja ahead of a religious event at a temple in Yamunanagar.

01 Nov 2017