Ishwar Pati

A centenarian’s eccentric habits

My grandfather crossed the century mark in longevity before he kicked the bucket, as if he were waiting to touch that milestone.

27 Sep 2019

How a 5-yr-old aced her first interview

Ha, ha, I’ve got five forms!” proudly announced my son-in-law as he came home with a spring in his step.

21 Aug 2019

Whimsical rules of the celestial world

Dawn is faintly growing on the horizon. My thoughts still cling to the daughter we had fought for but lost.

31 Jul 2019

The pleasures of outwitting conmen

In the classic Hollywood movie The Sting, Paul Newman and Robert Redford play two con artists.

12 Jul 2019

Heavenly embrace from my grandkid

She tugs at the open neck of my kurta.

27 Jun 2019