J Deepti Nandan Reddy

Obliteration of the People’s Front in Telangana

Due to KCR's portrayal of Naidu as 'anti-Telangana' along with lack of coordination and unity among seniors in Congress, the People's Front barely made any mark in the election.

12 Dec 2018

Telangana elections: Former rivals Rahul Gandhi and Chandrababu Naidu to canvass together for grand alliance

Rahul and Chandrababu have pulled off quite a coup by joining hands for the Telangana Assembly polls, putting aside their 36-year rivalry, to take on a common foe in TRS chief K Chandrashekar Rao. 

28 Nov 2018

Telangana elections: ‘Grand’ allies get impatient, ask Congress to hasten seat sharing agreement

Sources say that talks between the parties are set to prolong owing to differences between them.

06 Nov 2018

Telangana elections: Even before ticket announcement, rebel trouble brewing in Congress

According to the agreement between TDP & Congress, Serilingampally is being allotted to TDP.

05 Nov 2018

Telangana election: Kodandaram meets Rahul Gandhi, drives a hard bargain for at least 15 seats

After a meeting with AICC president Rahul Gandhi on Friday, Kodandaram told the press that his party wished to contest from 17 seats but was ready to settle for 15.

03 Nov 2018

All eyes on Delhi as Telangana Congress waits for green signal from party HQ

Keeping aside their differences, and Congress’ rumoured first list, grand alliance parties said they would announce their candidates jointly.

01 Nov 2018

Congress ‘almost final’ list of 56 candidates for Telangana election

Also, party sources have unofficially released the ‘almost final’ list of Congress candidates for as many as 56 constituencies.

31 Oct 2018

Telangana election: Congress bends rules to retain heavyweights for big battle

AICC has relaxed several rules like one ticket per family and no tickets for candidates older than 70.  

30 Oct 2018

‘Lenient’ Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu to bargain for Greater Hyderabad seats

Naidu will campaign in Telangana ahead of the Assembly elections slated for December 7, TTDP chief L Ramana told Express.

23 Oct 2018

KCR, Modi hand-in-glove, break promises and loot public: Rahul Gandhi

Addressing his first public meeting after the Telangana Assembly elections were announced, Rahul Gandhi took on KCR at Bhainsa, a town in northern Telangana.

21 Oct 2018

Jokes apart, Congress mulls four deputy CMs to humour allies

If a Dalit leader is selected to head the State, as is being speculated in some quarters, a leader from the Reddy community may secure the second most coveted seat in the State.

16 Oct 2018

Twitter, WhatsApp are new weapons in Telangana poll wars

In fact, with 37.1k followers, TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy’s Twitter account has more followers than TPCC.

14 Oct 2018

Telangana Assembly election: Like the cookie that crumbles, grand alliance develops cracks

Cracks are already starting to show up in the grand alliance.

10 Oct 2018

How Twitter, WhatsApp are new weapons in Telangana poll wars

Digital platforms and social  media are not just giving parties an opportunity to reach out to people but are also helping them attack their opponents and win brownie  points.

08 Oct 2018

Telangana Assembly polls: Congress plays big brother to TDP & CPI in ‘grand alliance’

The Congress had already announced, even before the alliance partners had come on board, that it would contest not less than 90 seats.

27 Sep 2018