Jiddu Krishnamurti

Understanding comes only through self-knowledge

As society is now organised, we send our children to school to learn some technique by which they can eventually earn a livelihood. We want to make the child first and foremost a specialist

22 Aug 2018

By hurting nature you are hurting yourself

The responsibility of the educator becomes more and more serious, more and more committed, more and more concerned with the education of his students.

15 Aug 2018

A dialogue with oneself

I realize that love cannot exist when there is jealousy; love cannot exist when there is attachment. Now, is it possible for me to be free of jealousy and attachment? I realize that I do not love.

08 Aug 2018

Love is free of attachment and jealousy

I do not know what love is, but I see very clearly, definitely, without any doubt, that attachment to my wife means jealousy, possession, fear, anxiety and I want freedom from all that.

01 Aug 2018

Hurting nature, you hurt yourself

What is nature? There is a great deal of talk about and endeavour to protect nature, the animals, the birds, the whales and dolphins, to clean the polluted rivers, the lakes, the green fields and so

25 Jul 2018

Meditation is breaking of all bondage

Meditation is the breaking of all bondage; it is a state of freedom, but not from anything. Freedom from something is only the cultivation of resistance.

18 Jul 2018

How do you come to terms with sorrow?

What does sorrow mean in this country? How do the people in this country meet sorrow? Do they escape from sorrow through the explanation of karma? How does the mind in India operate when it meets sorr

14 Jun 2018

If you hurt nature you are hurting yourself

What is nature? There is a great deal of talk about and endeavours to protect nature, the animals and the birds, to clean the polluted rivers, the lakes, the green fields and so on.

07 Jun 2018

A mind that invents a reason for peace is in conflict

As long as you have a reason to live, you are not living, are you? You live only when there is no reason, no cause — you just live. Similarly, as long as you have a reason for peace, you will have no

24 May 2018

Free means to be a friend, to love

What is it to be free? Freedom is from something - freedom from our own misery, from our own troubles and problems, free to have an economic society that is providing for all human beings.

11 May 2018

Learn more about yourself

We human beings, as individuals, are totally responsible for the state of the world. Wars - we are responsible for wars, by the way we lead our lives.

06 May 2018

Order in one’s life and relationships is a must

Many intellectuals, throughout the world, shy away from the subject of religion. Religion throughout the world has lost its credibility and no longer has any significance in daily life.

03 May 2018

Why does fear exist?

Out of that feeling of hurt we cling to something which we hope will protect us, and therefore anything that attacks that which I am holding on to as protection, towards that I become aggressive.

26 Apr 2018

Comparison breeds dishonesty in us

Meditation is the freeing of the mind from all dishonesty. Thought breeds dishonesty. Thought, in its attempts to be honest, is comparative and therefore dishonest.

26 Apr 2018