Jijo Malayil

An electrifying makeover

One million electric vehicles on the road by 2022, a pilot fleet of two lakh two-wheelers, 50,000 three-wheelers, 1,000 goods carriers, 3,000 buses and 100 ferries by 2020.

7 hours ago

Cochin Shipyard’s knowledge centre to be opened early next year

These short term-courses are aimed at  boosting the employability factor of potential candidates. 

15 Dec 2018

Discursive frame of culture still remains elitist, says Anita Dube

‘Give controlling stakes to women, you’ll see change’, was contemporary artist Anita Dube’s wish for a change with the art environment around the world.

14 Dec 2018

Home-made restaurant management apps to the rescue?

Restuka officials says it to be actively pitching the platform to various district association in the state.

01 Dec 2018

Kerala Nun Rape: Church trying to suppress dissenting voices?

The Archdiocese Movement of Transparency (AMT) convenor Jex James said Father Vatolly has been an active crusader for environment protection and a voice condemning criminality in society. 

28 Nov 2018

Government should chalk out a definite road map: Volkswagen director Steffen Knapp

German car maker Volkswagen is technology-ready to launch electric vehicles (EV) in the market.

14 Nov 2018

Kochi Refinery gets expansion nod; residents concerned about ecological issues

The residents demand that BPCL form a natural boundary as a countermeasure for destroying the thickly wooded area for this Polyol project.

10 Nov 2018

‘Weekly tapping is the way forward for sustaining natural rubber’

A sector plagued by rising labour costs and slumping natural rubber prices have forced growers to switch to other cash crops to survive, with respect to their disinterest towards replantation.

01 Nov 2018

Settlement of online motor insurance policies may take months

Buying insurance policies is a simple process now, thanks to their availability online.

24 Oct 2018

Downtown Technopark: Kerala’s largest development project gets underway

Leading SEZ builder Embassy Group is associating with the Boston-headquartered Taurus Investment Holdings and Asset Homes for the project. 

13 Oct 2018

Volatile market: Kerala stocks too in bear grip

With the stock markets going into a tailspin, share prices of companies in the state too plunged on Thursday, led by non-banking finance companies.

12 Oct 2018

CNG kits in demand, IOC to open 20 more gas stations in Kochi

Kochi, which already has four CNG stations, is showing a surge in demand for CNG conversion kits.

09 Oct 2018

Zero to Zenith - when business meets humanitarianism

Very few business models voluntarily venture into philanthropic activities, and rarely do we hear of a business initiative started with the sole intention of funding a charitable foundation.

04 Oct 2018

Cabotage law relaxation to boost trade at Cochin Port

Last fiscal, breaking a 10-year-old jinx, the Cochin Port Trust, one of the oldest public-sector establishments in the country, recorded a profit of Rs 13.5 crore and an annual growth of 10 per cent.

22 Sep 2018