Jug Suraiya

Archie’s death and end of an American dream

The comics were a magical gateway not only to a mythical America but also to a thrilling new terra incognita called adolescence, with its acned angst and its exuberant ecstasy.

02 Feb 2019

The rediscovery of a literary ‘greeneland

Greene attributed his conversion to a youthful romance and has shrugged off the label of being “a Catholic author”, preferring to be called an “author who happens to be Catholic”.

06 Jan 2019

A remembrance of Calcutta christmases past

The mainstay of Calcutta’s Christmas tradition was the Anglo-Indian household, to which an invitation had to be inveigled if one wanted the true savour of the season. 

01 Dec 2018

We Indians need to spit it all out

Yaaaaarnk! The blood-curdling sound freezes me to the spot.

03 Nov 2018

When Durga comes visiting in Kolkata

Durga Puja is around the corner, evoking in me memories of how this festival was celebrated in what was then called Calcutta, and where I spent most of my adult life.

04 Oct 2018

Down memory lane on Kolkata’s park street

Every now and again they talk about renaming Park Street, in what is now called Kolkata.

08 Sep 2018

When language laughs at our attempts to make use of it

They’re a writer’s nightmare, call them what you will: misprints, literals, typos, errata, printer’s devils.

04 Nov 2017