Jyoti Punwani

Hope amidst hate during elections

Many ordinary citizens have proved that they are thinking beings, not mindless receptors of the ruling party’s propaganda

02 May 2019

It’s still hindutva+ for the BJP

With elections coming up, the party’s divisive rhetoric shouldn’t come as a surprise. As in 2014, ideology will accompany real issues.

05 Apr 2019

There’s a world beyond warmongering

To discover it, we must turn away from the overwhelming stranglehold of social media and screaming TV anchors enacting war in studios.

13 Mar 2019

Can Ghalib heal Mumbai’s wounds?

A recent event brought together not just Hindus and Muslims, but those sections that had often clashed violently with each other.

06 Feb 2019

This is not atonement for partition

The PM was promoting the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which entails giving citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh who crossed over to India.

09 Jan 2019

When mobs turn against the cops

What Adityanath’s one-word description conveys is that there was no intention on the part of the mob to kill Singh, it just happened.

13 Dec 2018

A deadly offer the poor could not refuse

Can a government send its citizens to live in known toxic areas?

20 Nov 2018

The girls who dared to fight back

The Bihar schoolgirls who took on a group of boys over lewd comments were beaten up. It took SC intervention for authorities to wake up.

22 Oct 2018

The need for commissions of inquiry

Headed by former Calcutta High Court Chief Justice J N Patel, with bureaucrat Sumit Mullick as the other member, the Commission has begun its hearings in Mumbai.

19 Sep 2018

The muslim women have won

Shah Bano didn’t challenge her divorce. But now, Muslim women are not afraid to challenge a practice that puts them in peril

23 Aug 2017