K Rathna

‘Farm to Fork’ startup enters dairy industry

EarthFood, a Pune-based startup which has taken the concept of ‘farm to fork’ will soon be expanding to Namma Bengaluru.

15 Nov 2018

Namma reading house

B Prabhakara is a sprightly man of 76, with one abiding passion: Kannada language.

11 Nov 2018

Jumpsuit to train you in sports through virtual reality

HoloSuit virtualises your entire body so that you can interact in this 3D space.

08 Nov 2018

Colourful exotic plants grown with passion and patience

Today, he has more than 40 varieties of caladium plants, around 150 different anthuriums including top varieties; and 80 other species of plants.

21 Oct 2018

Mysuru’s Majestic Trunk Call

The world-famous Mysuru Dasara attracts lakhs of people from across the globe, but it is undoubtedly the Jamboo Savari procession, which adds to the allure of the entire festivity.

14 Oct 2018

Dolls durbar a peek into past and present

The Navaratri preparations start at the residence of 66-year-old Malini Sathyanarayan from January itself.

07 Oct 2018

Got unique products? This startup will be eager to help sell them

This startup supports entrepreneurs by providing a platform and exposure to products which are made in India.

03 Oct 2018

Bengaluru: App opens up internet to non-English speakers

Mobile app ‘Vokal’ is attempting to give people a chance to ask their questions and get answers from experts who are fluent in that particular language.

27 Sep 2018

Role of caretaker crucial for Alzheimer’s patient

Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), Mysuru Chapter is conducting a series of programmes to educate people about Alzheimer’s disease.

20 Sep 2018

Home-cooked food available at your doorstep

Annapoorne Khadya’ is an online startup which provides a platform for homemakers to earn money from their homes by preparing food in their kitchens.

20 Sep 2018

Mountain guide’s peak performance

After rigorous endurance exercises, they return huffing and puffing.

16 Sep 2018

Bengaluru Tree doc steps in to save Mysuru’s greens

Vijay Nishanth, founder of Vruksha Foundation, that has saved thousands of trees in Bengaluru will soon extend his services in Mysuru, to save the green cover of the heritage city.

15 Sep 2018

Startup customises food to speed-up your recovery  

We employ a model of distribution which allows channels from a producer to directly reach the end customers, in order to make it a faster process.

13 Sep 2018

Mysurean wins bronze at roller skating championship

Rea Elizabeth Achaiah, a Mysurean, becomes the first Indian woman to win bronze in the individual category at the 18th Asian Roller Skating Championship.

08 Sep 2018

‘Bounce’ your way around town with bike rentals

Bounce, a Mysuru-based startup, offers a scooter sharing service which allows users to pick up a scooter from anywhere, ride it to their destination and drop it off at any location.

06 Sep 2018