K Shiva Shanker

Nipah virus: Two suspected cases reported in Hyderabad, samples sent to NIV-Pune

Symptoms of infection caused by Nipah virus include encephalitis accompanied by Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Other symptoms include cough, cold, high-grade fever.

11 hours ago

‘Sudden cardiac arrests’ can happen to anyone, even without symptoms

Youngsters suffering cardiac arrests are no more an uncommon affair. Doctors say they come across cases of ‘sudden cardiac arrests’, sometimes, even in 10-year-olds.

24 May 2018

‘Bat man’ throws light on how nipah spreads

Social media is filled with warnings on Nipah Virus, advising people on what to do and not to do.

23 May 2018

MBBS classes to start with 2-months 'Foundation Course'

A senior official from the ministry said that the new curriculum has been approved in principle by oversight committee and it will be notified soon.

18 May 2018

Hypertension if left untreated can lead to paralysis, say experts

Hypertension, that affects a large section of population in the State, can lead to serious medical conditions if left untreated.

17 May 2018

Cap on stent prices: Private hospitals of Telangana admit to hiking other fees

Private hospitals have increased the cost of procedure and other charges to make up for the loss of revenue as they are not allowed to charge heart patients more than the MRP for the stent.

17 May 2018

Government observatory home in Hyderabad to get de-addiction centre

A drug de-addiction centre will be set up at the Government Observation Home for Boys in Saidabad to address the long-standing issue of substance abuse among juveniles admitted to the home.

16 May 2018

WhatsApp forwards about organ donations mostly hoax: Officials 

Jeevandan officials say that any donation has to go through the appropriate authority, constituted as per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act - 1994

11 May 2018

Hyderabad's Niloufer Hospital infant death: It’s time to mop up the bad blood between doctors and public

Minutes after three-month-old Dhruvan died at Niloufer Hospital on Monday evening, doctors who were treating the infant went into hiding.

02 May 2018

Institute that cured world of malaria lies in a state of neglect

The World Malaria Day was observed on April 25 across the globe. But the historical Sir Ronald Ross Institute of Parasitology in Begumpet, where Sir Ronald Ross conducted ground-breaking work into mal

29 Apr 2018

Devil or deep sea? Homeless have nowhere to go

There are shelter homes across Hyderabad, but homeless labourers complain they are forced to do chores after a hard day

29 Apr 2018

Nanakramguda: The new ganja hub of Hyderabad

. In the one-and-a-half month period, officials have registered cases against 10 and identified 150 youngsters who allegedly visited the neighbourhood for buying “stuff.”

26 Apr 2018

Historical institute that cured world of malaria lies in a state of neglect

The entire world is going to observe World Malaria Day on April 25. But the historical Sir Ronald Ross Institute of Parasitology in Begumpet, where Sir Ronald Ross conducted ground breaking work into Malaria, may continue to lie in a state of neglect as the Ministry of Civil Aviation has informed Osmani

25 Apr 2018

Between devil and deep sea: Homeless have nowhere to go

Speeding vehicles, extorting thugs, partying youngsters -- threats faced by the homeless who sleep on sidewalks and pavements of Hyderabad are too many to count.

24 Apr 2018

Telangana: Help bust sex-determination rackets and earn rewards

Telangana State’s PCPNDT Cell officials tabled a proposal with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to give Rs 2.5 lakh for each successful decoy operation.

20 Apr 2018