K Shiva Shanker

Telangana: DCA lab to get analysts to check drug samples

Currently, only around seven lab analysts conduct tests there and it takes anywhere more than 46 to 60 days to know the results.

13 hours ago

Snapchat, beloved app of drug peddlers in Hyderabad

Snapchat has several unique features that make it a boon for drug peddlers.

13 hours ago

On day two, 240 EMT employees lose jobs for boycotting duties

Since the employees are staging a protest by working for only eight hours instead of 12 hours on a shift, they get off the ambulances between 4 am and 8 pm, and 4 pm and 8 pm.

13 Aug 2018

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear medical centre at Gandhi hospital soon in Hyderabad

City’s Gandhi Hospital will soon get Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) medical management centre of secondary level.

11 Aug 2018

Blood suckers are back in Hyderabad

To clear the doubt, DCA Director Preeti Meena has asked drug inspectors to visit each blood bank in their jurisdiction and check if the information on the portal matches the availability of blood.

10 Aug 2018

Breastfeeding awareness high in Hyderabad

Women who deliver babies at government and private hospitals are counseled on the importance of breastfeeding. Attempts are also made to solve issues they might have with the process.

07 Aug 2018

Azaadi dil ki: Long wait for cured women to be discharged from mental institutes

With a shelter home and skill development prog being planned at IMH, which will help patients earn livelihood, they can now hope to live free

06 Aug 2018

Induced early puberty can cause emotional trauma

When hormone tablets or injections are administered at an inappropriate age to minor girls — who grow up in violent environment— to attain early puberty they undergo a lot of emotional. 

03 Aug 2018

Fear of impotency pulls down male sterilisations in Telangana to meagre 4.9 per cent

Male sterilisations in TS constitute only 4.9% of the total 72,601 cases, as opposed to 68,985 female sterilisations.

02 Aug 2018

Bias doesn’t die, couples seeking IVF want boys

In some cases, family elders ask specialists to give it in writing that the woman cannot become pregnant so that it can be used while filing for divorce.

29 Jul 2018

Dentists shedding aprons to join call centres, health insurance firms

After spending lakhs on education, dentists say they earn a meagre Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 per month.

29 Jul 2018

Telangana's All India Institute of Medical Sciences to come up at Bibinagar

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare gave the approval and communicated the same to the State Health Department on Thursday.

27 Jul 2018

 Male-child bias lives on: Couples seeking IVF want boys

Doctors report that some couples undergoing IVF seek sex selection, despite the illegality of it

25 Jul 2018

Government hospitals likely to have ‘Kanti Velugu’ wards for eye check-up intervention

Currently, separate units (20-bed) to check various eye problems are available at six old district hospitals.

23 Jul 2018

Central fisheries institute develops kit to detect formalin in fish

Central Institute of Fisheries Technology - ICAR has developed a kit which can detect the presence of the chemical compound in just two minutes.

19 Jul 2018

Asian Games 2018