K Shiva Shanker

As winter sets in, cases of swine flu are on the rise in Telangana

 As winter sets in, more number of patients suffering from swine flu (H1N1) are getting admitted at Gandhi Hospital which is nodal centre for swine flu. 

14 Oct 2018

Botched cataract operations at Hyderabad's Jaya Nursing Home leaves patient blind, others with poor vision

Family members of at least three patients said that while earlier the patients had blurred vision, some are not able to see anything now, though some are recovering.

12 Oct 2018

Polio vaccine scandal: Officials on inspections to check contaminated vaccine stocks

Drug inspectors are scurrying around all government immunisation centres and hospitals to crosscheck if bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine (bOPV) vials manufactured by Bio-Med are kept in stock.

05 Oct 2018

No threat: Kids with Inactivated Polio Vaccine protect others through herd immunity

On Tuesday, a meeting was held in Delhi on the issue where directions were passed to administer two fractional doses of the IPV to all children below two-years who were not vaccinated with it.

04 Oct 2018

Bio-Med polio vaccine taken off shelves after Centre sounds contamination alert

Telangana switched from trivalent OPV to bivalent OPV (bOPV) — which builds anti-bodies against P-1 and P-3 virus — in 2016.

03 Oct 2018

Cataract operation goes horribly wrong in Hyderabad's Jaya Nursing Home, patients referred back for checkup

Usually, when patients are discharged from a hospital, it is on a happy note and filled with hope.

02 Oct 2018

No ‘velugu’ on the details: Families contradict health officials’ statements

At least four families told this reporter that the patients had gotten their eyes examined at a Kanti Velugu camp in Warangal.

01 Oct 2018

Reheat oil at your own peril, experts point out its toxicity

The toxic compounds found in reheated oils can cause heart diseases and cancer, say experts.

28 Sep 2018

No breather here, Government Chest Hospital has no ventilators!

The number of out-patients has risen from an average of 250 in summer to 400 in the monsoon.

27 Sep 2018

Tuberculosis diagnostic network will now be expanded in Telangana

This could lead to long delay in diagnosing a TB case due to possible loss of the detection.

24 Sep 2018

Caste prejudice thriving in Telangana?

Though Madhavi's father claims he's not against inter-caste marriages, experts and activists have reasons to believe caste pride is ruining lives of many in the State.

20 Sep 2018

Young married couple attacked with machete in broad daylight by girl's father in Hyderabad

The father attacked the couple who were returning after a compromise meeting with both families that ended up in the couple walking out.

20 Sep 2018

Miles to go for Telangana in dealing with HIV-AIDS

Telangana continues to fare poor in dealing with HIV AIDS though it has made considerable progress over the last seven years.

18 Sep 2018

How many condom users in Telangana? No one knows!

For financial years, 2015-16 and 2016-17, the use of condoms declined by 37 and 45 per cent, respectively, only to bounce back by over 140 per cent in the following year.

18 Sep 2018

Scions of Nizam want Osmania General Hospital glory restored

The chorus of demands for a new Osmania General Hospital building has become louder with the descendants of last ruling Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan.

12 Sep 2018