K Shriya Sharma

ISRO spy case: Want my name to be cleared in public, says Sudhir Kumar Sharma

Arrested for his apparent association with Narayanan and Chadrasekhar, Sharma recalls, "I was tortured by the police."

22 Sep 2018

Bengaluru man co-accused in ISRO spy controversy battles for life, justice

SK Sharma, who also went through much the same humiliation and misery, besides being socially ostracised as a “traitor” for his “involvement” in the alleged ISRO spy scandal, is now battling cancer.

22 Sep 2018

Smoke House Deli: Hot off the grill 

We started the meal with the Cottage Cheese Skewers, which were served with a garlic sauce and a light, summer-y salad.

01 Sep 2018

Asian blockbusters on your plates 

From Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand, these dishes struck all the right notes in this rainy, chilly weather.

18 Aug 2018

Blue Whale hides a brewing storm

Mental health experts say Blue Whale is not the challenge, we should be talking about mental health of young adults.We should ask if we have right support system and attitude to mental disturbances  

13 Aug 2018

Little ‘lung’ pieces sent to officials

Jhatkaa team has started sending out pieces of the 'lungs' in a package to decision-makers, in a bid to open their eyes to the grisly air-pollution situation.

11 Aug 2018

Finding true north Indian food in Bengaluru

Bringing you the flavours from the northern states, Punjab Bistro has all the kebabs, curries and rotis for homesick North Indians

11 Aug 2018

US teen initiates dialogue on menstrual products

Shreya Maggon is travelling to the city to help raise awareness on sustainable menstruation, and will also donate reusable sanitary products.

04 Aug 2018

Travelling Stars festival: When stars descended on plates

The Soum Tum Sling, an ode to the iconic Thai papaya salad made with gin, chilli and lime, is a good option for someone looking for a light, fresh drink.

04 Aug 2018

Journey through Italy’s food paradise

Feast on dishes from Emilia Romagna, the birthplace of parmesan cheese.

21 Jul 2018

Food journey from France to Italy

The Leela Palace Bengaluru is serving its best dishes from its branches across the world

14 Jul 2018

Sip on your dim sum and eat it too

Highlight of this limited-edition dim sum menu is the giant soup dumpling and the cocktails, which pair well with these tasty parcels

07 Jul 2018

Diving deep into world of film with the Shah brothers

Delve into all things film at the first edition of Raw Stock Magazine and Film Club, curated by Imaad and Vivaan Shah (Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah’s sons). The club looks at the past of film and music, and the importance they hold in today’s pop culture. For this edition, the brothers will be delving into 1970s Hollywood, with film s

23 Jun 2018

Dragons, boats and tons of sticky rice

Explore delicacies that pay homage to the 2,000-year-old Dragon Boat Festival

23 Jun 2018

Sex ed & the great green outdoors on parents’ wishlist

l    City Express asks parents from the city what’s on their minds for this academic year, and what changes they hope to see in schools

12 Jun 2018