K Shriya Sharma

‘Like’ it or not, buying followers is much easier than you think

Using simple algorithms, it is possible to filter those who have bought followers, from those profiles that have organically grown.

10 Dec 2018

Sweet dreams are made of cheese

The three desserts on the menu – Blueberry Carrot Cake, Tiramisu and Trio of Cheese Wafers – are all delicious.

08 Dec 2018

‘Carnatic music is my fountainhead’

Sriram caught up with City Express on how he kept his love for Carnatic music alive while growing up in the US, plaback music and more. 

01 Dec 2018

Journey through India in 15 plates

On the chef’s recommendation, we tried his speciality – a fifteen course menu of bite-sized delights that show how diverse the spices, textures and flavours of Indian food can be. 

01 Dec 2018

Sleepless in B’luru

A recent study conducted as part of a  health awareness initiative pointed to some unpleasant statistics in Bengaluru’s sleeping habits.

28 Nov 2018

Festival of classics for bibliophiles

 A festival organised by Penguin Random House India brings book lovers all the classics under one roof.

26 Nov 2018

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s reception was all about family, friends, finery

Newly-wed couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh looked radiant at their marriage reception in her hometown, Bengaluru, on Wednesday evening. 

22 Nov 2018

‘Karnataka lags behind in rheumatological care’

Satish Kumar (name changed), 61, first noticed signs that something was amiss when he was 43 years old.

21 Nov 2018

Japan Food Fest: ‘Roll’ing Bengaluru on to world Menus

Japanese restaurant Harima, which is supposed to be the oldest in the city, took home the prize in the Gamba roll category.

13 Nov 2018

‘Celebrate the child you have, not the one you want’

The video briefly traces Nisha’s journey, with the 18-year-old talking about the bond she shares with her parents.

03 Nov 2018

Interview | Every woman is angry and wants justice, says #MeToo warrior Sandhya Menon

Sandhya, who spearheaded the cause by calling out the editor of a national daily for sexual misconduct at the workplace, set the ball rolling for scores of women.

28 Oct 2018

Call of the hills 

Steaming hot momos and a bowl of hearty thukpa (noodle soup) in the cold, while the mountains look down on you, is something everyone needs to experience.

27 Oct 2018

Old world charm at this Koramangala pub

We started our meal with some bar eats – Chicken Nippat Masala, Thai Tossed Peanuts and Mexicali Nachos.

20 Oct 2018

ISRO spy case: Want my name to be cleared in public, says Sudhir Kumar Sharma

Arrested for his apparent association with Narayanan and Chadrasekhar, Sharma recalls, "I was tortured by the police."

22 Sep 2018

Bengaluru man co-accused in ISRO spy controversy battles for life, justice

SK Sharma, who also went through much the same humiliation and misery, besides being socially ostracised as a “traitor” for his “involvement” in the alleged ISRO spy scandal, is now battling cancer.

22 Sep 2018