K Sudha

A big film on a small budget

The film is based on a Tamil novel by Kava Kamz that Krish happened to read while travelling on a train.

10 Apr 2019

Ganesha Meendum Santhipom: Cashing in on the Oviyaa effect

Ratheesh shares that he had no doubts over the potential of 'Ganesha Meendum Santhipom', he calls a ‘total entertainer’.

04 Apr 2019

Embiran, a love divine

Shot in and around Chennai and Puducherry, the film also stars Mouli and Pandi considers it his script’s victory that the veteran artiste consented to play the grandfather of the female lead.

21 Mar 2019

Motorcycle diaries

When researching the subject, this erstwhile assistant to Sakthi Chidambaram, was amazed to find that there are 25 kinds of bike races, 10 of which are prominent on Chennai’s roads every Friday night.

20 Mar 2019

'Aghavan': The Yin-Yang conflict

The plot-point of two sisters pining for the same man is as old as Kalyana Parisu days.

14 Mar 2019

'Gilli Bambaram Goli' will be a reality check for today's youth: Director

Gilli, bambaram and goli — games that are traditionally associated with the villages of Tamil Nadu — is the title of an upcoming Tamil film, getting released this Friday.

13 Mar 2019

For the love of cinema: Nedunalvaadai, a film crowd-funded by engineers

Selvakannan says that Nedunalvaadai will be about the affection of an old man towards his grandson, bequeathed through his daughter.

13 Mar 2019

90ml's Shreegopika Neelnath: Not your usual girl-next-door

Shreegopika, who made her debut with a Malayalam film called Nonsense, says she bagged the role in 90ml when her make-up artist sent her pictures to director Anita Udeep.

06 Mar 2019

India’s first film shot on a mobile phone

Not every debutant director can lay claim to making a first-of-its-kind film. With Adadae, Kamal Saro Muni says he’s made India’s first feature film to be shot with a mobile phone (iPhone 5).

28 Feb 2019

A film shot entirely with GoPro

The biggest victory for the director was in convincing exhibitors to slash ticket prices to `100 in certain multiplexes.

14 Feb 2019

Director Star Kunjumon's next, a thriller on organ harvesting

With Radha Ravi as the only big name in the film, Kunjumon has cast a newcomer, VR Vinayak, as a vigilance officer and Sigai-fame Mira Nair as his deputy.

07 Feb 2019

'Chocolate' director Venkatesh returns with 'Nethraa'

Known for his commercial films such as Chocolate and Aai, director A Venkatesh is back after two and a half years with Nethraa, which hits the screens tomorrow.

07 Feb 2019

Shabir, the young composer on the rise 

Dhillukku Dhudu 2 has just three songs, and the third one, Shabir tells us, is a romantic melody rendered by Yazin Nizar and Maria Roe Vincent.

24 Jan 2019

An impactful debut for Jagadeesan Subu with 'Sigai'

Sigai, the first ever Tamil film to be released on the streaming platform, Zee 5, has also been screened at international film festivals.

12 Jan 2019

Fifty shades of Viswasam

Costume designer Dakshayani, better known as Daksha in industry circles, is looking forward to the release of Viswasam.

10 Jan 2019