Kakoli Mukherjee

Taking his love for gaming to international competitions

His parents were hesitant at first as they did not see this career as a feasible one.

15 hours ago

Homing pigeon racing: Meet Hyderabad's feathered racers

The doctor debunked reports that gambling was involved in racing pigeons or that it constitutes animal cruelty.

06 Dec 2018

Talk, resolve issues

The ‘Ink 2018 Billionaires of Moments’ conference held in the city recently saw a smorgasbord of ideas from bright minds from across the country.

04 Dec 2018

Sweet love

Desserts have always been a sweet wrap up to the meal.

01 Dec 2018

Of Voices and Verses

With many more timeless dohas and songs, Kaluram unravels the brilliance of the 15th century poet: Sant Kabir.

28 Nov 2018

A modern woman’s roller coaster ride through life

Hyderabad-based dancer and writer Pujita Krishna’s book ‘Smitten’, which was released recently, tells the story of a modern Indian woman Jayanti and her adventures.

28 Nov 2018

Three designers, three edgy trends

Hyderabad got a heady dose of fashion and glamour last weekend with three international designers showcasing their collection on Saturday at HiTex to a packed auditorium.

27 Nov 2018

When food turns medicine

If you are searching for a simple and tasty way to be healthy always, Ayur Bhojanam is the way to go.

22 Nov 2018

Putting the right spin on women’s cricket in India

The book will release on November 30.

22 Nov 2018

Hidden culinary gems from an underexplore region

Simplicity is the heart of the cuisine from north-east India, where the produce of the rich soil of that region lend every dish an inimitable flavour.

21 Nov 2018

Seek and you shall get

Apart from raising money for medical treatments, more and people are turning to crowdfunding to raise money for projects close to their heart.

20 Nov 2018

The need to compete

The gaming bug bit Syed Abrar during his engineering days, and then there was no looking back.

17 Nov 2018

No child’s play

Hear Hear! As Children demand original content, more diversity and social messages in their movies.

14 Nov 2018

Heart of darkness

The play, written by Hindi playwright Bharatendu Harishchandra, tells the story of an eccentric king, who makes sneezing a punishable offence in his kingdom.

07 Nov 2018

Why most people won’t have their pets for dinner

In her book, ‘Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows’, Dr Melanie Joyargues that a violent ideology has conditioned people to disengage from their natural empathy and eat animals.

05 Nov 2018