Kakoli Mukherjee

Vagina tightening and whitening creams: How safe are they?

It is possible to lose some elasticity of the vagina due to multiple childbirths or age, but creams available online hardly seem to a safe bet to address the issue.

20 Mar 2019

From the cookbooks of Rayalaseema home chefs ...

There are certain cues when you should not dismiss a food festival as just ‘another one’, specially if it offers grandmother’s recipes cooked by home chefs.

16 Mar 2019

Animal Charm: The who's who of Hyderabad zoo 

Know some interesting facts about our very own animals at Nehru Zoological Park.

09 Mar 2019

B.One Eazy: Talk to your home

Apart from controlling almost all home appliances, the app can also help make your house extra secure by sending you notifications if the main door is unlocked.

27 Feb 2019

Heal your Womb the holistic way

If you are a woman facing a similar situation every month, a little help from a corporate employee-turned-yoga trainer and the moon can help you manage the stress on those days.

26 Feb 2019

Yep, cactus is the new delicacy in town

Hyderabad has a new dish of Mexican origins in its menu, but it’s not Nachos, Tacos or guacamole.

23 Feb 2019

Love of all kinds

The European style cafe with its white-washed walls, perched on a slightly elevated point, provides the ideal backdrop for the neon art installations.

20 Feb 2019

250 ways to fall madly in love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a compilation of crowdsourced micro tales on love, was launched in the city recently by bestselling writer Durjoy Datta.

12 Feb 2019

When the spirit of spring took over a dargah

If red is the colour of love, yellow is for amity.

12 Feb 2019

Reaching out to the stars

Along with astrologers, tarot card readers too are popular.

12 Feb 2019

Saying ‘Hello, world’ in style

Baby photo shoots have become one of the booming sectors of lifestyle photography in the past few years.

31 Jan 2019

The annual Hyderabadi shopping affair

The Pista House haleem outlet looks like a mini war zone, but still functioning due to alert workers.

30 Jan 2019

Autism bill: Many more miles to go

It also aims to evolve procedures for appointment of their guardians and trustees, and facilitate equal opportunities in society.

22 Jan 2019

What’s better than crab curries?  Crab and rum!

The Bhaji Dana is a combo of greens like Bathua, Methi and Dill and is a wonderful starter for rice.

19 Jan 2019

Online dating is passe. Face-to-face meeting is the new cool

Natasha Goradia wears many hats.

15 Jan 2019