Krupa Ge

Your time is up, entitled man

This column has looked at portrayals of women on screen for a while now.

17 Jan 2018

Lingering questions

Mayaanadhi directed by Ashiq Abu joins a list of Malayalam films that much to my delight is only growing, and that I would recommend to friends for a laid-back evening.

10 Jan 2018

Best women of 2017

Last week I gave in my wish list for the kind of women I want to see on screen in 2018.

03 Jan 2018

What I dream for women in the cinema of 2018

In this column, Krupa Ge writes her wishlist for the year ahead as she retrospects the women roles of 2017.

27 Dec 2017

Women in Cinema column: What Aruvi means to us

As someone writing about women in cinema exclusively week after week, Krupa Ge feels that she finally struck gold this week.

20 Dec 2017

Queen of revenge: How Richa Chadda’s Bholi Punjaban in 'Fukrey' defies norms for films

Richa Chadda’s Bholi Punjaban, who is named so in cheeky contrast to her role which is anything but innocent, in Fukrey 1 and Fukrey Returns, is so good it deserves a third movie just so we can see ho

13 Dec 2017

The working woman in Indian Cinema

This weekly column by Krupa GE is a rumination on how women are portrayed in cinema.

06 Dec 2017

Sulu’s choice

It is a role meant for her, written for her it would seem, for, Vidya Balan in Tumhari Sulu (written and directed by Suresh Triveni) lives and breathes as if she and the woman she is playing on screen

29 Nov 2017

Deepika Padukone is the hero we don’t deserve but need

Perhaps never before has such a dark spell chased an actress in Indian cinema.

23 Nov 2017

Lakshmi, not alone

The ‘bored wife’ trope lends itself to different genres within cinema. It is, after all, a unique damsel-in-distress that is married.

15 Nov 2017

When women aren’t the weaker sex

For a while now, it has been my habit to watch some television or streaming video before hitting the sack.

10 Nov 2017

The politics of love

I found myself thoroughly enjoying Meyaadha Maan really early on.

01 Nov 2017

Two and a half women

Mersal has been in the news non-stop for over a week now.

25 Oct 2017

Harvey Weinsteins of our world

What women have been saying for long is, let us not wait for it to happen to one of us to talk about this topic. Let us be aware. Let us not be silent.

19 Oct 2017

Ms Representation: Man. Women. Child.

Konkona Sen Sharma’s Death in the Gunj showcases the female gaze at its sensitive best.

04 Oct 2017