Krupa Ge

The blistering truth of Hannah Gadsby's Nanette and what it means to us

As this column reaches its first anniversary (it began on print on 12th July last year and appeared online a day before that), I cannot think of a better day and way to move forward than to talk about

11 Jul 2018

Telugu romcoms and its women

What is interesting about Telugu romcoms is that there aren’t just manic pixies strewn all over screenplays.

20 Jun 2018

Easwari Rao stands tall and towers over everyone in Kaala

The mature romance also humanises both the man and the woman on frame and creates more or less equal plane, as opposed to the kind of inequity commercial cinema’s romance tracks often carry.

13 Jun 2018

A brief history of fridging in Tamil cinema

In 1999, a website called Women in Refrigerators was born, thanks to feminists who also happened to love comic books.

06 Jun 2018

The missing support for female gaze

In one of the making videos of Mahanati, I was happy to see an army of women working off screen, but that only brought back the same old questions.

30 May 2018

The wrong kind of art

02 May 2018

Of women, by women

I love rom-coms. Unabashedly. What’s not to love? That much-maligned genre in the world of literature, films and television, is actually its most gender-just (because of our heteronormative gaze of course, and that’s a debate that needs to be had too); you cannot make a man-woman rom-com without showing

18 Apr 2018

Sharp shooter

In Ladies First, a Netflix original documentary under the section ‘Women who rule the screen’, India’s Archery Champion, Deepika Kumari drops several truth bombs, her frustration palpable even as the

04 Apr 2018

Social justice, in its heart

Hichki, starring Rani Mukerji isn’t just about her character’s Tourrete Syndrome, as has been touted.

28 Mar 2018

Films I should have hated, but didn’t

There is great joy in discovering something new about yourself. Like the fact that you love films that critics don’t.

21 Mar 2018

Anushka Sharma: Beautiful Beast of Bollywood

When she first produced and starred in NH10 I wondered if it were a one-time thing. And then my suspicions and interests peaked and were piqued, respectively, when she did Phillauri.

14 Mar 2018

Ms Representation: The wonderful women of Awe

When I went in to watch Prashanth Varma’s Awe, I had no clue who was in it or what it was about. I walked away (really) impressed with what the film managed to pulled off.

07 Mar 2018

Shehzadi of dreams

If like me, you think of songs as an important aesthetic that make or break the film experience, this list is for you.

28 Feb 2018

The questions of Naachiyaar

There’s also an interesting inversion of gendered roles in Naachiyaar and her husband’s occupations in the film.

21 Feb 2018

Ramya Krishnan, for the win

From Maragadhavalli alias Maggi in Panchatantiram to Sivagami Devi in Baahubali and now as Azhagu Meena alias Jhansi Rani in Thaana Serndha Koottam (TSK), she has excelled in all roles.

14 Feb 2018