Krupa Ge

Shrews, tamed and untamed

If there’s a thing Tamil cinema heroes love doing on screen, it is teaching women their rightful place.

14 Nov 2018

The Tabu Effect

This weekly column is a rumination on how women are portrayed in cinema and this week the author talks about Tabu and Andhadhun.

08 Nov 2018

Cooking and eating, as women

Women’s relationship with food is complex, nuanced, beautiful, terrifying or sometimes uninteresting.

31 Oct 2018

Swear by women

There’s a whole lot of swearing in Vada Chennai (and this seems to have landed the film in some legal trouble with a case being filed against it).

24 Oct 2018

Like a thunderclap

Last week, I caught a special preview of Vaishnavi Sundar’s documentary, But What Was She Wearing.

17 Oct 2018

Trisha in '96': A quiet marvel

This weekly column is a rumination on how women are portrayed in  cinema and this week it is about Trisha in 96.

11 Oct 2018

Manto magic

It was the year 2008, and I was a freshly-minted postgraduate working for a city newspaper as a journalist, covering the arts and culture beat.

03 Oct 2018

‘As a writer of short fiction, I understood Manto’s insecurities too’

It was a movie about violence, the worst of human qualities and hatred, that didn’t have a frame of violence in it.

03 Oct 2018

Korean drama calling

There are several Tamil Korean Drama Fans groups and some pages on Facebook too.

26 Sep 2018


Taapsee Pannu as Rumi sports a mop of auburn-red curly hair.

19 Sep 2018

C/o Kancherapalem: Of purity and potency

C/o Kancherapalem is a meditation on caste and masculinities, the pressures on women to stay pure and showcase their purity at all ages, and that on men to be ‘men’ – to showcase their potency.

12 Sep 2018

A trope reversal

Just last week I had written about Nayanthara starring as the biggie, leading the projects she lends her name too, and this week I watched another film of hers.

05 Sep 2018

Kolamavu Kokila movie review: The film makes light of everything women in our cinema are usually scared of

Nayanthara’s Kokila has no problem manipulating all of the men around her, even to the extent of making sure an extra guy dies just so she will be safe.

29 Aug 2018

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal: A fine romcom, finally

I have written a lot about romcoms and their importance as a woman watching commercial Tamil cinema in this very column, but watching Pyaar Prema Kaadhal, Elan’s new film made me realise one more thin

22 Aug 2018

A Comedy for our times: Better Life Foundation

The one show in recent times that has managed to impress with its top-notch writing and self-aware humour is Better Life Foundation, starring Navin Richard and Sumukhi Suresh, among others.

15 Aug 2018