Kumar Vikram

With rising income, BJP’s  expenses witness sharp rise

Rising income of the ruling BJP has truly reflected in its spending in last few years. 

17 Jun 2018

Saffron Splurge: BJP matches rising income with more expenditure

Whether it is press conferences or public meetings, rallies or advertisements, documents have revealed that the party has more than doubled its expenditure in last few years.

17 Jun 2018

PMO action plan for Babus: Modi wants bureaucrats to spend time in field, be innovative

The PM has also observed that officers have lost field focus and asked that officers may be mandated to spend at least 5-6 days in a month in the field.

16 Jun 2018

2016 batch IAS officers to join Centre from July 2

IAS officers of the 2016 batch will be posted in central government departments for three months starting July 2.

15 Jun 2018

Government increases 'Carpet area' limit for interest subsidy under affordable housing

The carpet area for MIG I category houses has been raised from 120 square metre to 160 square metre while that of MIG II category houses has been increased from 150 square metre to 200 square metre.

13 Jun 2018

More reforms to follow lateral entry into top bureaucracy

Sources claimed that lowering of the upper age limit of candidates taking the IAS exams and removal of an optional paper in the Mains were among the proposed reforms.

12 Jun 2018

Call drops mar low tariff advantage: Survey

A call drop represents the telecom service provider’s inability to keep an incoming or outgoing call going.

11 Jun 2018

As India’s air passenger traffic soars, airlines scramble to expand fleet

Private airline operators are scrambling to expand their fleets in the coming years to cash in on India’s growing aviation market.

10 Jun 2018

Mudra benefit likely for skilled workforce

National Democratic Alliance government plans to provide the Mudra loan benefit to the skilled workforce trained under the Skill Development scheme.

08 Jun 2018

New I & B Secretary wants purpose and detailed action plan on 'Social Media hub'

The idea of the social media hub was floated when Smriti Irani was the minister of I&B and sources claimed that it was actually the minister’s plan to set up a centralized hub.

07 Jun 2018

Vistara to acquire six Boeing 787s

Private airline Vistara is set to expand its fleet. As per industry sources, it is poised to acquire six Boeing 787s.

05 Jun 2018

Oil prices: Consumers wince due to hike pain

Feeling the pinch of the steep hike in fuel prices and the consequent rise in rates of essential commodities, consumers have devised unique ways to offset the rising expenditure.  

04 Jun 2018

Cash crunch spurs cost-cutting in Congress party

Shrinking income forces Grand Old Party to dramatically tighten its purse-strings ahead of State and Lok Sabha elections.

03 Jun 2018

Centre's social security cover to include more underprivileged people

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana was launched in May, 2015, but, failed to evoke response, particularly among underprivileged sections of the society.

02 Jun 2018

Air India: No bids received as divestment deadline expires

Sources claimed there was little chance of disinvestment taking place now given that the 2019 general election is approaching.

01 Jun 2018