Kumar Vikram

Work harder to move to top 50 in ease of doing business: PM Modi at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

He implementation of GST has helped immensely in reducing the transaction costs and has made processes efficient.

19 Jan 2019

Mukesh Ambani urges PM Narendra Modi to take steps against data colonisation

Invoking Mahatma Gandhi's movement against political colonisation, Ambani said India now needs a new movement against data colonisation.

19 Jan 2019

Working hard to put India in top 50 list for ease of doing business: PM Modi at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

Prime Minister Modi had conceptualised the summit in 2003 as the chief minister of Gujarat to position the state as an ideal investment destination.

18 Jan 2019

BJP-ruled states top list of those putting in renaming applications

 A total of 93 requests of ‘name change’ came to the Centre from different states over the past four years. Of these, about 80 names have already been changed, according to the data received by the pa

14 Jan 2019

Government’s sanitation drive can’t clean the muck

Ever since it launched the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) on October 2, 2014, the government has built 9.07 crore household toilets in rural areas.

07 Jan 2019

9-10 phase Lok Sabha polls jointly with Maharashtra, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir?

Maharashtra and Haryana Assemblies end in the first week of November, and holding the polls together would save resources as there wouldn’t be any more elections this year, an EC official said.

07 Jan 2019

No plan to use bio fuel in regular flights

Four months after experimenting with biojet fuel to fly aircraft, the government still has no proposal to use this in regular flights.

03 Jan 2019

DGCA extends deadline for installing simulators

The government has extended the deadline for installing simulator training facility by flight operators in India. The December 31 deadline has been extended to March 2019. 

02 Jan 2019

Packaged drinking water samples not up to FSSAI standards

Government officials attribute this to a lack of clean drinking water.

30 Dec 2018

No loan waiver scheme, but big farm relief plan to be announced soon

PM Modi chose a party rally at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh to articulate his views on the big vote-catcher issue, farm loan waivers, for the first time after the BJP’s Hindi heartland defeat.

28 Dec 2018

DGCA may not meet air traffic controllers licence deadline

A senior official of the Ministry of Civil Aviation said that now DGCA will regulate the licencing of air traffic controllers.

27 Dec 2018

After farmers, traders seek loan waiver, slam government policy

Traders have to suffered losses but not a single time have we got assistance, he said.

25 Dec 2018

Short of spares, 12 per cent of Air India fleet grounded: Officials

As the 15 planes have been grounded, Air India has been forced to re-schedule and combine some flights. And the option of adding new routes is off the table.

21 Dec 2018

Rs 1.10 lakh crore lost to bank frauds since 2015, reveals data released by RBI

There has not been any let-up in cases of bank fraud despite measures and a crackdown by the government.

17 Dec 2018

Government revival plan for Air India ready

The government has prepared a revival plan for Air India which is focused on building a competitive and profitable airline group.

15 Dec 2018