Medha Dutta

I regret not leaving Imran earlier, says ex-wife Reham Khan

Here she tells Medha Dutta about hope that kept her going during her periods of struggle, and on breaking social norms.

16 Sep 2018

The art of craft

What does he hope to achieve with Ambiente 2019? “I do not know exactly.

15 Sep 2018

Eating with the Robots

Cuisine is meant to convey the nuances of cultures and trends

10 Sep 2018

The reality of stillness

Once a young signboard painter from rural Garidepally in Telangana, Anjaneyulu G sports a nostalgic air. 

08 Sep 2018

After the deluge, art

Jatin Das is how painters are supposed to be: eccentric, noticeable and a passionate outsider.

08 Sep 2018

India taught me detachment: Author Michel Danino

Author Michel Danino talks to Medha Dutta about his recent book Sri Aurobindo and India’s Rebirth.

02 Sep 2018

Cross-country Food Trek

Bombay Brasserie  takes you on a gastronomic tour of the country with spices and ingredients directly sourced from the city of origin, for that authentic and flavourful experience

01 Sep 2018

Celebrating diversity

The Delhi Contemporary Art Week, comprising seven galleries from the city hosting some 40-odd artists, will give collectors and art enthusiasts a chance to view eclectic works.

25 Aug 2018

‘I dream of going home’

Iranian journalist-activist and author of the book The Wind in my Hair Masih Alinejad, living in exile in New York, tells Medha Dutta that women’s problems are not limited to compulsory hijab; yet, co

17 Aug 2018

India’s Sinking Cities

The paradox of progress is that when mankind rises, cities sink. Prosperity through technology causes large-scale migrations to urban areas, and pressure on resources, land and systems upset the balan

16 Aug 2018

The Mask

Facial sheets are the new buzzword in the world of skincare. This 15-minute beauty regime promises to be your magic wand to forever glow.

16 Aug 2018

The peruvians are acting fresh

On the heels of sushi and sashimi comes ‘ceviche’ to Delhi, as the evolving tastebuds of diners dare to experiment with Latin American plates 

11 Aug 2018

Putting women first

There is a lack of awareness on menstrual cups among the majority of women in rural and semi-urban India. Amol Mane from Vapi in Gujarat is trying to change that.

11 Aug 2018

‘Artists need funding and patronage’

Celebrated Bharatanatyam exponents, Vannadil Pudiyaveettil Dhananjayan and Shanta Dhananjayan, known as the Dhananjayans, were in the capital to perform at Kamani Auditorium on August 11.

11 Aug 2018

Regal retreat

A charming boutique hotel, Royal Heritage Haveli, boasts one of the best wellness retreats in Jaipur

29 Jul 2018