Mahesh Natarajan

Do you put your relationship up for a performance appraisal?

For many of us working in corporate and corporate-like spaces, end of year means one thing, and one thing only – performance appraisal time.

17 Nov 2018

It’s the kid in you who falls in love

What would you say if someone told you that in any loving relationship, there are always two children who are in love? No, we are not talking of puppy love between cute 4-year- olds.

12 Nov 2018

Love in a #MeToo moment

The buzz around the #MeToo movement in India is so much louder, widespread and impactful than ever before.

03 Nov 2018

‘I Do’ doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be a change

One of the lasting images of a really successful, bonded relationship of love is when there seems to be a great degree of synchronicity between the people in it.

16 Oct 2018

Do you remember your first firsts?

Would you remember the first time you both had a fight – a real argument that left you both pissed off and in conflict with each other for a while?

06 Oct 2018

Put your relationship to test with a holiday together

All good trials, but to really test a relationship, there is just one true test and that is to travel together for at least four days and three nights.

02 Oct 2018

Can sweating together be sweet for couples?

The idea of working out together, stretching together, playing and getting hot and sweaty together.

15 Sep 2018

What’s age got to do with who you date?

There have been a few celebrity relationships that have been in the news for a while now, each of which has partnered an unusually large age gap between the partners.

08 Sep 2018

Who do you talk to about relationship woes?

What if you are falling in love with someone, when you already are in a relationship?

01 Sep 2018

Love addiction is a real thing, it may begin with chasing and falling in love with someone

There are the butterflies in the stomach, a nameless ache, a longing that seems to sap your energy, a moodiness that keeps one from enjoying all that one usually did.

27 Aug 2018

How does your partner react to sexual assault news?

The last few years have seen a major upswing in how many horrific sexual assaults and violence have been getting reported.

06 Aug 2018

Searching for ‘The One’

First, an old story: Once, at the end of their education, four students who were graduating asked their guru to give them blessings and wealth with which to start off their lives. Each were given

07 Jul 2018

Clear the air and avoid a 'to be continued' in your love life 

The point is this: How do you know a fight has ended?

30 Jun 2018

Is love a game of leagues or of fairly tale endings?

Ever noticed that everyone acts as if there is a ‘league game’ going on as far as dating and relationships go? It is quite a complex league structure as well, with the leagues being decided on so many factors including looks, age, fashion sense, economic class, education, job prospects and so many other thin

02 Jun 2018