Mahesh Natarajan

Does talking about politics with your beloved affect your relationship?

Elections in India have always been such a grand spectacle, full of colour, volume and expression.

18 Feb 2019

City’s traffic can teach you a thing or two about relationships

The choices you have in both the situations are really not that different.

29 Jan 2019

Emotions are infectious

On the other hand, there are other types of infectious possibilities even when a couple is not physically close with each other.

23 Jan 2019

Love in the time of the flu

It is the flu season. At doctors’ clinics all around, there are people sniffling and coughing, looking bleary-eyed at each other and wondering what sort of flu it is.

14 Jan 2019

On new year, play ‘the Best of times, the worst of times’ with your partner

Each of you take a couple of sheets of paper.

01 Jan 2019

Whose side are you on?

There are no clear answers, of course, but if you stood with your new partner even if privately you might have a word or two, you might get some brownie points for the longer term.     

19 Dec 2018

Like sexual escapades on screen, In real life, do we spontaneously combust?

The problem though is it is still so much spontaneous combustion.

11 Dec 2018

‘Relationships are like flights, they are improbable events that magically occur everyday’

There is something about being in a steel tube hurtling hundreds of miles per hour, up in the air at over 35,000 feet.

01 Dec 2018

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine-day: Does love really require gift exchanges? 

 As kids in school, we studied The Gift of the Magi by O Henry  in high school English.

26 Nov 2018

Do you put your relationship up for a performance appraisal?

For many of us working in corporate and corporate-like spaces, end of year means one thing, and one thing only – performance appraisal time.

17 Nov 2018

It’s the kid in you who falls in love

What would you say if someone told you that in any loving relationship, there are always two children who are in love? No, we are not talking of puppy love between cute 4-year- olds.

12 Nov 2018

Love in a #MeToo moment

The buzz around the #MeToo movement in India is so much louder, widespread and impactful than ever before.

03 Nov 2018

‘I Do’ doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be a change

One of the lasting images of a really successful, bonded relationship of love is when there seems to be a great degree of synchronicity between the people in it.

16 Oct 2018

Do you remember your first firsts?

Would you remember the first time you both had a fight – a real argument that left you both pissed off and in conflict with each other for a while?

06 Oct 2018

Put your relationship to test with a holiday together

All good trials, but to really test a relationship, there is just one true test and that is to travel together for at least four days and three nights.

02 Oct 2018