Manju Latha Kalanidhi

No patient should ever feel miserable because of me: Dr Kasu Prasad Reddy

Dr Reddy says he also never faces workday blues because he believes that blessings from the patients are the biggest draws.

20 Dec 2018

Interview | Ready to do a good movie down south, says actress Kangana Ranaut

The actress talks to us about her upcoming film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, life, marriage and more...

18 Dec 2018

“Find your identity” : Gaurav Gupta

Hyderabad with its heritage palaces and warm people, he says, inspires him to come up with new designs with a touch of royalty. 

18 Dec 2018

Swachh Instagram Abhiyaan: Exposing so-called social-influencers

Social Media (SM) channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat have always been about reach, followers, numbers, penetration.

11 Dec 2018

Life’s secrets revealed, with a dose of humour

Chapter three on work-life is what he thinks is most relevant to youngsters.

03 Nov 2018

One marathon can change your life

My journey started off in February 2015 when Pinkathon, a marathon brand, chose me as their brand ambassador to promote the marathon meant for women.

03 Oct 2018

Youth in Dharavi slums have pre-ordered my book online: Chetan Bhagat

He tells you the best angles to click a picture and points out to the most comfortable chair to sit and interview him.

29 Sep 2018

'I always aim to be an irreplaceable actor’

Veteran fight master Vijay’s son Rahul is making his debut as a lead actor with Ee Maya Peremito.

20 Sep 2018

Better body in 20 minutes?

What exactly is this technology: Accent Prime incorporates Ultrasound (US) and Radio Frequency (RF) in a variety of handpieces for deep tissue heating. 

19 Sep 2018

 Seeking the Truth with the Sadhguru

Don’t become slaves of chemicals.

18 Sep 2018

Eggstra Special


25 Aug 2018

Hyderabad to Hollywood: Anirudh Immaneni, youngest Indian to score Hollywood film

Anirudh Immaneni, 21, is perhaps the youngest Indian to score a Hollywood feature film. We ask this boy from the city how he landed an international assignment and about his career plans.

23 Aug 2018

My experiments with the truth of publishing, Gaurav Sharma's new book

Author Gaurav Sharma converts the misery of rejections into an experimental book which is catching everyone’s attention.

31 Jul 2018

How to become a world class city

Karuna Gopal, Founder of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, and a thought leader with a vision for Hyderabad, talks about where we stand on the global map and what needs to be done to make us a global

12 Jul 2018

Realising travel dreams

Shagun Segan, 31, did what most techies in Hyderabad only dream about – pursuing travel. He had a stint in the IT sector, but before it could suck the life out of him, he made a road map for himself. Today, he is on a world tour and loving every moment of it and living it up

03 Jul 2018