Manoj Viswanathan

Blue Revolution: Kerala gets the blues as state’s fishermen miss the Kochi boat

Twenty seven shipyards in the country will build around 800 boats in the coming years to encourage fishermen take up deep-sea fishing in a big way.

19 Feb 2019

Forest Department sets stringent norms for Guruvayur elephant race

According to rights activists, making the elephant run under the sizzling sun will cause health problems to the animals.

15 Feb 2019

Action against those who violate fishing norms: Kerala minister

The minister, who held talks with representatives of fishermen and boat owners on Tuesday, told Express the government will allow 40 per cent juvenile fish in the catch.

14 Feb 2019

CMFRI issues advisory as US ban on wild-caught shrimp hits exports

To conserve marine turtles in Indian waters, fishery interactions with these animals have to be constantly monitored.

05 Feb 2019

Animal rights activists welcome Kerala government's circular on elephants

The circular insists on conducting a complete hematological and serum biochemistry analysis to assess the exact health status of the animals.

31 Jan 2019

Kerala Forest Department introduces set of stringent monitoring measures for captive elephants

The circular insists on conducting a complete hematological and serum biochemistry analysis to assess the exact health status of the animals.

31 Jan 2019

Kerala yet to respond to proposal for RIE, says NCERT secretary

Andhra Pradesh handed over land in Nellore district and the RIE will start functioning in the next academic year, he said.

29 Jan 2019

What makes temple elephants in Kerala go on a jumbo rampage? Stress, abuse and musth

As many as 11 mahouts were killed by elephants in musth during 2018 and two of the deaths occurred in December.

25 Jan 2019

My entry to Sabarimala has ended the restrictions on women’s entry, says SP Manju

Rejecting that entering Sabarimala disguised was not an achievement, she further said, "I did not enter disguised as an old woman. I usually smear sacred ash on my head while visitng temples."

10 Jan 2019

Sabarimala pilgrims sleep under open sky in freezing cold

The devotees who set aside a portion of their income for the well being of the temple are being denied even basic amenities at Sabarimala.

09 Jan 2019

Tour operators luring foreigners to Sabarimala? Hindu outfits cry foul

The government had claimed three women among a group of devotees from Malaysia, who visited Sabarimala on January 3 were below 50 years of age.

07 Jan 2019

‘Attempt to make Sabarimala a tourist destination’

According to a section of devotees, the tour operators are bringing unsuspecting foreigners who love trekking to Sabarimala, citing the SC order.

07 Jan 2019

Change in climate cycle reason for temperature variations: Expert

There has been a 12 per cent decline in summer rains during the months of March and April and 6 per cent decline in the rain during North East Monsoon for the past four years.

06 Jan 2019

Impaction taking a heavy toll on captive elephants

No temple festival in Kerala is complete without the awe-inspiring presence of majestic elephants carrying decorative umbrellas and accoutrements.

03 Jan 2019

Invasive mussel posing threat to native species

The mussel is native to the western Atlantic which extends from Colombia to the Gulf of Mexico.

02 Jan 2019