Medha Dutta

Artful protestors

Bangladeshi artist couple Mahbubur Rahman and Begum Tayeba Lipi are a social force to reckon with in the art world.

08 Dec 2018

The office lunch revolution

Lunch at work has a new makeover. Workplaces around the world, and in India, are catering to the rising trend of tailor-made food options for employees.  

08 Dec 2018

The art of finding good company

Art keeps good company with history. Colonialism has created singular offshoots of aesthetics, such as Company Paintings.

02 Dec 2018

‘Film recognises Shiva within us’

Director Abhishek Kapoor is happy that Kedarnath is finally set to release after facing setbacks, and says people will realise what it is about.

24 Nov 2018

‘I live to write the novel’

Hailing from Kolkata, Roy is no stranger to the serialised form.

24 Nov 2018

Gastronomic lure sans gluten

Restaurants such as The Piano Man Bakery in Delhi take the gluten-free food to a new level with their innovative menus.

24 Nov 2018

The Dietoholic’s Diary

You focus on consuming whole foods for 30 days.

17 Nov 2018

Weft with a Heft

The cARTpet Project, an exhibition of limited-edition carpets that concluded on November 1 in Mumbai, was a repertoire of great art.

17 Nov 2018

Let’s talk bread

The average Indian is travelling more, which is resulting in their tastebuds evolving.

10 Nov 2018

She Walks in Beauty

Ditching animal by-products and replacing them with cruelty-free goodness is the new trend and brands are catching on.

10 Nov 2018

Making Sense of it All

Disability could never stop Dipendra Manocha, co-founder of Delhi-based NGO Saksham, from exploring ways to change the narrative.

10 Nov 2018

Pinning it on the World

The world is a market place, then and now.

10 Nov 2018

Home for the Holidays

For Noida-based Nilanjan and Antara Bose, the idea of going on a vacation just did not seem feasible.

10 Nov 2018

‘To be a true artist is to be free’

Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi’s latest book, The Rabbit and the Squirrel, is a fable for grownups.

04 Nov 2018

‘I’m a Very Nerdy Artist’

Digital artist Baiju Parthan is one among the few Indian artists to use lenticular printing extensively in his creations.

03 Nov 2018