Merin Mariya

Sthithi to spread the ‘go green’ message 

With the launch of project ‘Sthithi’ under the ‘C-power 5’ programme, the District Collector reached out to college students spreading the message of sustainable development and lifestyle. 

16 Nov 2018

A fight sans armour

Despite his disability, Rahul J S, who has cerebral palsy, works for the differently-abled community.

13 Nov 2018

Municipal Corporation bats for eco-friendly crematoriums

The city is all set to switch over to eco-friendly crematoriums.

13 Nov 2018

A priceless collection

Coins are his deal. Athul Aravind, a taxi driver living in Varkala, began collecting coins and stamps from the age of 14.

12 Nov 2018

Protecting the ideals of the Constitution

Come Tuesday, and the city will witness a unique gathering of social activists and artists from various realms.

12 Nov 2018

Spirit, uninterrupted: Remembering artist Girish Kumar

While commemorating Girish Kumar on the occasion of the four-day exhibition named ‘Missing Spaces’, his wife and daughter reminisce Girish as a source of energy and inspiration.

10 Nov 2018

Now, pensioners go smart

The elderly in the city are turning tech-savvy.

07 Nov 2018

The sweetest of them all

Diwali marks the victory of good over evil and commemorates the time when Hindu God Lord Rama achieved victory over Ravana and returned to his Kingdom.

06 Nov 2018

Living on the edge in their dilapidated homes

Mariya Pushpam who lives with her husband, a cancer patient, has a similar story. “Our lives are in great danger.

05 Nov 2018

Locks of love

Jaji Sunil represented India in the Creative and Innovative Hairdo category of Festival ‘Internazionale Della Coiffure E Del’Estetica 2018 held in Italy and came third.

03 Nov 2018

Celebrity Cricket League: Celebrities join the spirit of cricket

Actors like John Kaippallil opinionated that several people would have stayed away from purchasing tickets because the booking process was entirely digital.

01 Nov 2018

Finally, its a homecoming

I hope the government considers their situation too,” said Vijayamma Raghavan, a sea erosion victim, Valiyathura.

31 Oct 2018

Finally, its a homecoming

For people like Rahul, it is a dream come true moment.

31 Oct 2018

Championship kicks off sans the spirit

Students believe that medals are a token for their efforts.

27 Oct 2018

Bringing kathakali characters to life in wood

With his chiselled touch, he brings characters to life using pieces of wood.

27 Oct 2018