Mithun MK

Four information commissioners solved 25K cases

With the Supreme Court vacating the stay on appointment of four state information commissioners, calling it illegal, the fact that they disposed off 25,320 cases in their four years was lost.

23 Apr 2017

Two years on, TSRTC mini cinema halls remain non-starter

Proposal garnered interest of private parties but is at odds with AP Cinemas Act,1955.

21 Apr 2017

New H1B, Aus visa rules may benefit India in long run: IT industry experts

‘But, it can happen only if the customers are comfortable with India’s internet connectivity’

20 Apr 2017

BHIM remains inaccesible to 150M visually-impaired

Study by Centre for Internet Security has found several accessibility issues with both Google’s Android & Apple’s iOS versions of the App

19 Apr 2017

TS: Compensation is an elusive dream for these two ‘dying’ villages

A 1962 land acquisition became reality only in 2015 leaving 275 families of Dacharam effectively homeless; fate of their Dharugulla neighbours is only slightly better

16 Apr 2017

Survey soon for kerosene-free Hyderabad

However shift to LPG will be difficult as many BPL families might not be able to afford it

11 Apr 2017

Favourite study destinations now Canada, Australia

There has been a considerable drop in the number of students from Hyderabad applying for US universities in the wake of a slew of anti-immigration decisions taken by the US government.

10 Apr 2017

‘There were days when I did not  have anything to eat’

Neck-deep in debt after marrying off two daughters, coupled with failure of crops for consecutive years, was enough for a farmer like Narsimha Reddy to move to war-torn Iraq, knowing the risks involve

06 Apr 2017

Car drivers to be cautious in summer

With temperatures set to soar further, fire safety department has issued an advisory for car drivers in the city.

06 Apr 2017

Return empty handed or join the strike: Truckers’ dilemma in Hyderabad

Most drivers usually unload goods in the city and return with stocks of cement, stones.

02 Apr 2017

BS III compliant two-wheelers sell like hot cakes in Hyderabad

Following the apex court order on Thursday, dealers across the city slashed prices of BS-III models; most dealers sold the vehicles and shut their shops due to huge rush.

01 Apr 2017

Public confused over Telangana Road Transport Authority’s Aadhaar history

Protests from public forced  the Telangana Road Transport Authority to revoke Aadhaar rule for driving licence on two occasions earlier.

29 Mar 2017

Telangana feels 2025 deadline to eradicate TB is unrealistic

The major concern of RNTCP officials is bureaucratic tangles that disturb the inflow of Central government’s share of funds to the TB department.

28 Mar 2017

Experts sound alarm as sale of super bikes soars in Telangana

Deputy commissioner of police (traffic) T Ranganath says there is a need to segregate the bike licences for such vehicles and increase age limit for high cubic centimetres bikes

25 Mar 2017

52 Beagles rescued from labs find homes in Hyderabad; 180 more to be freed

Given the space constraints at the Blue Cross shelter in the city, some from the next batch of dogs to be rescued may be transferred to Bengaluru.

21 Mar 2017

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