Mithun MK

Women love idea of bike-taxi, men drivers ‘nervous’

Taxi aggregators provide bike taxi services only in a few pockets of Hyderabad, one of the few cities in the country to allow bikes to obtain a commercial licence.

14 Jan 2018

Sweet shops recover from demonetisation impact; sales go up in Hyderabad

Sweet shops selling Sankranti sweets in the city say they have recovered from the impact of demonetisation that had wrecked their festival business in 2017.

13 Jan 2018

e-Way bill gives TS transport sector chills

Truck owners in TS concerned as chances of them completing a trip within validity period of e-way bill is low

12 Jan 2018

Substandard, unsafe cap helmets continue to be sold in Hyderabad

Who will enforce the rules and ensure these are not sold? Hyderabad traffic police and the Road Transport Authority pass the buck to each other

11 Jan 2018

Hyderabad: Women love the idea of bike-taxi, but men drivers are ‘nervous’

Few drivers have expressed apprehension that they could be mistaken if there is any physical contact on bumpy roads; many women feel bikes are safer than cars.

08 Jan 2018

Telangana government’s sheep scheme pushing ‘Gongadi’ weavers to brink?

 For the weavers of ‘Gongadi’  (traditional blankets woven from black wool) that once served the Indian Armed Forces beat harsh winter on the borders, the last spindle for the last of these

07 Jan 2018

Farmers, drivers, consumers: All at receiving end of diesel price hike in Hyderabad

The increase in diesel price by Rs 6.4 per litre over a span of six months has tightened the wallets of those plying diesel vehicles, farmers and consumers alike.

06 Jan 2018

70 per cent of retail space at Metro stations has been booked in Hyderabad

In terms of retail space available for setting up shops, L&T Metro officials said that 70 per cent of the space has been booked so far.

03 Jan 2018

Hotels shouldn’t charge more than MRP for bottled water: Telangana metrology department

The legal metrology department said that the SC order was meant only for special cases and not for bottled water sold in retail at hotels. 

27 Dec 2017

From IT companies to Metro Rail, bouncers are in demand in Hyderabad

Until recently, bouncers were largely hired mostly by pubs to control unruly guests. Now, the hiring of musclemen by companies has become the new trend.  

24 Dec 2017

Real life stalking inspired by films, says Swati Lakra

The murder of Sandhya Rani, a computer operator, by her alleged stalker is a grave reminder of a constantly recurring theme in most commercial Telugu movies in recent times-

24 Dec 2017

Madhu’s uncle, who took her on bike, is devastated

While the family was planning to take the bus, the girl hopped on to her uncle’s bike to reach the venue early and play with her cousins  

21 Dec 2017

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation to implement intelligent transport system across Telangana

Vehicle tracking, passenger information systems for 10,495 buses, 350 bus stations in TS

16 Dec 2017

Triple Talaq Bill violates criminal law principles: Experts

The triple talaq judgement of August 22, 2017, was presided over by a bench of five judges, the verdict was a 3-2 split but it did not criminalise the practice.

16 Dec 2017

Legal share autos suffer but illegal ones thrive due to Metro

For share auto-rickshaw drivers plying along the metro corridor, the opening of Hyderabad Metro Rail has brought a mixed bag.

11 Dec 2017