Nikita Sharma

Shades of ink make new statements

The oldest human tattoos found were done sometime between 3,370 BC and 3,100 BC.

08 Dec 2018

Take charge of your pregnancy skincare

If your body and skin are getting the right nutrition, that means you are on the right track in countering various pregnancy-related problems.

01 Dec 2018

Power of Purity

There were times when there used to be no creams and moisturisers, and home-made oils were the remedy for everything, from dry skin to frizzy hair to small injuries.

04 Nov 2018

Nature’s nurture

Natural is always better, be it beauty or the things we use to maintain that beauty.

30 Sep 2018

Taste Stories Online

Saveur is to food what Vogue is to fashion.

08 Sep 2018

Predators unmasked

At the workplace and educational institutions, women and children are victims of sexual harassment—a trend that is increasing every year. 

04 Feb 2018