Nilesh V

Osmania University red-faced as President greets non-existent Executive Council

OU Teachers Association president says an Executive Council is supposed to have 19 members but only has five

27 Apr 2017

Former Osmania University professor keeps a dying language alive

K Ramesh Kumar tries to finalise a script for Remosam, a language spoken by 10,000 people

16 Apr 2017

Centuries-old language depts at Osmania varsity dying a slow death

Dearth of funding ensure shutting down of Russian, German, French and Tamil departments

15 Apr 2017

India lacks studies on exposure of mercury to humans

A recent study records exposure of mercury among vegetarians to be around 0.055 ppm while 0.501 ppm among those who eat fish twice a day

14 Apr 2017

Why not use plants to clean our waste water?

As half of sewage generated in TS ends up in rivers and lakes, untreated, bioremediation seems to be a cost effective way 

20 Mar 2017

Cauliflower might be effective in preventing fluoride intoxication: Study

A study says cauliflower leaf extract might help in negating the impact of fluoride on thyroid glands.

13 Feb 2017

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