Osama jalali

‘Slow food’ tackles problems of a fast-paced life

I am proud and happy that India is also part of the much needed initiative that is slowly, but steadily gaining momentum here.

27 May 2019

First to rock the cradle, first to feed you

Today chefs want to leave a mark on world map with their culinary skills.

12 May 2019

Eat and drink mango to stay cool in summers

The king of fruits is not restrained to just being eaten as a fruit but is the core ingredient for many dishes.

28 Apr 2019

Discovering new food outlets is always fun

The Chef in charge is Sushmit Daniels, a veteran in the field.

10 Mar 2019

How the thin crust pizza changed to deep dish variant

The history of deep dish pizzas is almost 75 years old. It was probably invented in 1943 by Ike Sewell in Chicago.

03 Mar 2019

Visit Tuk Tuk Asia to enjoy pan-Asian cuisine in Delhi

Among the new food joints around the Nehru Place metro station, the restaurant has got a very positive vibe uplifting the mood, supported by the warm hospitable staff.

17 Feb 2019

Delhi's 'Pikkle' restaurant to tickle your taste buds

I also relished their Naughty Girl Sushi with tuna and prawn where the tuna was torched live on my table with the tempura prawns adding crunch to the humble sushi.

27 Jan 2019

Visit curry singh for home recipes

Food industry in our country is considered to be a male dominated one; one hardly finds female chefs and restaurateurs.

27 Jan 2019