P K Balachandran

No pressure to reunite SL provinces: Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar

India will not be pressing Sri Lanka to merge the northern and eastern provinces to form a single Tamil-majority,

21 Feb 2017

Indian Foreign Secretary Jaishankar to meet Sri Lankan leaders on Monday

Officials described Jaishankar’s visit as a routine one to keep himself abreast of the latest developments in the island nation, besides keeping track of the progress of existing Indian projects.

17 Feb 2017

Former LTTE commander Karuna says his new party is for “cooperative politics”

It is also divided between those who want to do cooperative politics and those seeking confrontation.

13 Feb 2017

Lanka worries about Indian ‘Trojan horse’

Sri Lanka’s fear of economic domination by ‘Big Brother’ India has now replaced the earlier bogey of a military threat

09 Feb 2017

Sri Lanka’s Northern Council rejects bill to centralize national development policy  

The Sustainable Development Bill has been in the public domain since July 2016 and the cabinet had even approved it.

01 Feb 2017

Sri Lankan navy man who struck Rajiv with rifle butt arrested for predicting death of Sirisena

Accordingly, he had referred a case to the Criminal Investigation Department's Cyber Crime Unit two months ago.

31 Jan 2017

Four ex-LTTE cadres held for plotting to assassinate Tamil MP Sumanthiran

As per information so far available, the Jaffna district MP was to have been killed by a claymore mine placed on the road to Marudankeni.

29 Jan 2017

Sri Lankan PM says missing persons may have left the country illegally

The government has already offered to give the families of the disappeared “Certificates of Absence” so that they could get some compensation.

26 Jan 2017

Plea for retrial of Tamil MP’s assassination case under anti-terror law to be heard on March 3

The all-Sinhalese jury had found there was no clinching evidence against the accused and wanted them freed. 

25 Jan 2017

Muslim farmers in Sri Lanka's Amparai district seek return of 2878 acres

The Forest and Wildlife Departments in the country began to lay claims to these lands because much of the area had become a jungle due to neglect in the war years.

23 Jan 2017

International award for Finance Minister burnishes Sri Lankan government's fading image

The magazine honoured Karunanayake for his efforts to steer Sri Lanka into a new era of economic reform and a change of mindset.

10 Jan 2017

The island of missed opportunities

With Rajapaksa’s rise and disunity in the ruling coalition, Sri Lanka’s constitutional conundrum is unlikely to be resolved soon.

10 Jan 2017

TNA to support Sri Lanka’s constitution-making despite internal dissent

The party decided to accept leader R.Sampanthan’s advice and support the process as there is no alternative to it, sources said.

09 Jan 2017

Emission scandal put paid to Volkswagen’s Sri Lanka plant

after much negotiation, the government decided it would be better not to go ahead with a dedicated VW assembly plant due to possible legal issues.

06 Jan 2017

Minorities get a good deal from the Sri Lankan electoral delimitation panel

Any issues that still remain will be sorted out when Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe meets all the political parties in parliament on January 9, Pillai said.

03 Jan 2017