India will not press for merger of north, east Sri Lankan provinces: Jaishankar

The Foreign Secretary says it would not be wise to hold every other matter hostage to the merger issue.

20 Feb 2017

Foreign Secretary Jaishankar appreciates Indian-origin Tamils for being in the Sri Lankan mainstream

Jaishankar told Mano Ganeshan that India will henceforth give special consideration to the Indian Origin Tamils.

20 Feb 2017

Indian Foreign Secretary Jaishankar urges Tamil National Alliance to unite to fight for Tamils’ rights  

The Tamil leaders also complained that the Tamils of the North are going jobless because companies from South Sri Lanka bring labor from the South.

20 Feb 2017

EPRLF tells Jaishankar political solution is a sine qua non for economic development

Premachandran was reacting to Jaishankar’s saying that India is keen on investing in the economic development of the North and East to create assets and jobs.

20 Feb 2017

Tamil factionalism a key factor in Kepapilavu, Vavuniya agitations in Sri Lanka

Factionalism within the multi-party alliance has been at the root of the on-going agitations in the Mullaitivu district and the stir on the disappearances in Vavuniya

19 Feb 2017

Sri Lankan government sends back families of missing Tamils with yet another promise

After the war there was a clamour for tracing the missing men and women, but so far there has been no action by the government to trace them.

18 Feb 2017

Prime Minister Modi to renew links with Buddhism during his visit to Sri Lanka in May

Modi has a strong bond with Buddhism and had made Gujarat a part of the Buddhist pilgrimage trail in India when he was Chief Minister of that state.

17 Feb 2017

Sri Lanka’s constitution making process is in the doldrums

Informed sources told Express that Sirisena had asked the Steering Committee to draft a simplified report that members of the Constitutional Assembly could understand.

16 Feb 2017

Chinese investors losing patience over Hambantota agitations: Envoy Yi Xianliang

China is funding a 15,000 acre economic zone in Hambantota in the island’s south and is also going to take over 80 percent of the Hambantota Port as per a Framework Agreement.

16 Feb 2017

Indo-Lankan film maker Anila SK’s Orazhcha is a cinematic classic on India’s aged

Orazhcha takes the audience through a week in the life of retired Kerala government servant, Krishnan, and his wife, Madhavikutti, both well into their seventies.

13 Feb 2017

Vimukthi Jayasundara, the lone Sinhalese to have directed an Indian film

Vimukthi Jayasundara is unique for two reasons: he is the first Sinhalese to direct an Indian movie, and also the first Sri Lankan to make a film in Bengali.

12 Feb 2017

Sri Lanka to give priority to constitution drafting over accountability mechanisms

The Sirisena-Wickremesinge government in Sri Lanka will give priority to drafting a new constitution for the country over setting up war crimes accountability mechanisms.

08 Feb 2017

'No Lease Agreement on Trinco Oil Tanks needs to be signed'

There was no requirement to sign a 'Lease Agreement' on the transfer of the 99 oil tanks in the eastern town of Trincomalee to the LIOC, Express learns from informed sources.

07 Feb 2017

Chennai-based NGO helps Sri Lankan Tamil returnees face challenges of resettlement

The organization fills a yawning gap in services and is the vital link between the returnees and the State.

05 Feb 2017