Palaparthi Srividya

'Antariksham' film review: This Varun Tej-starrer lacks gravity

Antariksham 9000 KMPH is a story where everything despite always being on the verge of disaster turns out alright.

23 Dec 2018

'Next Enti' movie review: Rambles in the name of love

The writers of this movie mistook their urge to write a self-help book about heteronormative relationships and made a movie instead.

08 Dec 2018

We broke many myths with Yevade Subrahmanyam and Mahanati: Swapna Dutt

In an industry that has been dominated by men, few women have started to shine and proved their mettle. While she doesn't see gender in a workplace, Swapna Dutt sure made heads turn with her success.

16 Oct 2018

'Paper Boy' movie review: A simple love story gone wrong

The film needed a boost of updation. And updated does not mean dropping obsolete references of cab services, e-papers and apps.

01 Sep 2018

Your very own money manager

Solving the two biggest worries of Indian youth — saving and investing. Sqrrl app makes your struggle with money easier

09 Aug 2018

Web series: Telugu cinema's new obsession

Rana Daggubati,  Pelli Choopulu director Tarun Bhasker, director Nandini Reddy, and actor Srinivas Avasarala discuss the growing market for digital content in Telugu.

03 Jun 2018

Rooftop farming for the win!

Who would imagine that it would be possible to farm all the produce you need for the kitchen in the heart of Hyderabad? Well, Teja Kakumanu did, and pulled it off!

29 May 2018

Enough of coffee. try smoothies

Hyderabad-based smoothie bar Drunken Monkey went against the odds of a coffee-obsessed market and
has grown to launch abroad

19 Apr 2018

This is not a monkey busines

When you want to meet someone for anything besides lunchtime, what do you say? ‘Let’s meet for coffee.’

19 Apr 2018

Beauty lies inside GlamEgo’s box

This Hyderabad-based start-up provides customised subscription for cosmetics

23 Mar 2018

God’s own countryman

Hyderabad-based art director Anand Sai Viswakarma, who has worked in over 30 films, is reimagining the Yadadri temple structure

10 Mar 2018

Fusion from spas in the kitchen

Quinoa upma, home-grown lentils and boiled veggies, almond muesli ice-cream may sound futuristic but these staples of spa cuisine are healthy, tasty and have become trendy, too

03 Mar 2018

Personalised cocktail

As part of the brand’s 80th anniversary, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel launched its signature Go Beyond campaign that brought to the table many experiences that intend to give their patrons an interactive experience. 

13 Jan 2018

Putting fun into the city traffic

Admin H and Admin SK have been quite the rage amongst the followers of Hyderabad Traffic Police on Facebook lately for their interesting and funny posts. Meet the men behind the pseudonyms

13 Jan 2018

Mash of the titans

Why just sing one song when you can mash together more? That’s the mantra these young  musicians are swearing by. Mashups are what are keeping Telugu music enthusiasts entertained

03 Jan 2018