Parvathi Benu

Why Rima Kallingal said #MeToo

Actor, dancer and a proud feminist, Rima Kallingal gets candid with Parvathi Benu about her life,
dreams, her dance school and also the importance of standing up for what she believes in.

07 Nov 2017

Need to invest in doctors willing to work in government hospitals in India

We have five-star hospitals that offer the best treatment for the rich but what about the aam admi? A panel of experts at the ThinkEdu Conclave harped on improving nutrition and sanitation in India.

05 Mar 2017

In Bengaluru’s ‘SAFE’ hands

The SAFE helpline ensures that you’ll never feel unsafe when you’re in Electronic City, finds Parvathi Benu

03 Mar 2017

Hope is not lost for aphasia patients

Parvathi Benu learns about aphasia and how specialists from the US are helping patients talk

03 Mar 2017

Gender benders on your FB wall

Two 20-year-old students are fighting against gender inequality and patriarchy through art and a Facebook page, finds Parvathi Benu

24 Feb 2017

Meet the real Mr Delhi Belly!

Parvathi Benu chats up Eshan Hilal, who is among the few male belly dancers around

24 Feb 2017

Doodling for a safer internet

Nitika Gadura’s doodle made her one of the winners of Google’s Web Rangers competition, finds Parvathi Benu

24 Feb 2017

Space jammin’ with NASA’s nemesis Ken Johnston

Trainer to the astronauts Dr Ken Johnston discusses Neil Armstrong, aliens and NASA’s transparency with Parvathi Benu

17 Feb 2017

Smash the badminton birdie with an Olympic dream

Parvathi Benu talks to Unnati Bisht, the current Under-17 No 2 badminton player, about her dreams and aspirations

10 Feb 2017

Her vaccine might wipe out brain fever

Parvathi Benu chats with Nitya Sharma, who won the PM’s fellowship for her research

10 Feb 2017

Teaching them to shoot at sight

Partho Bhowmick is helping blind people use photography to open their minds’ eyes up, finds Parvathi Benu

04 Feb 2017

Why worry, when Wangchuk is here?

Innovator extraordinaire Sonam Wangchuk, with his quirky ideas and out-of-the-box thought process is changing the face of Ladakh, finds Parvathi Benu

04 Feb 2017

KAI high: this device may make your mouse obsolete

This invention by two VIT students uses gestures to interact with computers, finds Parvathi Benu

28 Jan 2017

What sets Sahaj apart?

Apart from educating transgenders, many factors make this alternative learning centre different, finds Parvathi Benu.

22 Jan 2017

Even Lupus couldn’t stop her from dancing

K Sangeetha’s life is a constant battle between fighting lupus and dancing, finds Parvathi Benu

22 Jan 2017