Parvathi Benu

Space jammin’ with NASA’s nemesis Ken Johnston

Trainer to the astronauts Dr Ken Johnston discusses Neil Armstrong, aliens and NASA’s transparency with Parvathi Benu

17 Feb 2017

Smash the badminton birdie with an Olympic dream

Parvathi Benu talks to Unnati Bisht, the current Under-17 No 2 badminton player, about her dreams and aspirations

10 Feb 2017

Her vaccine might wipe out brain fever

Parvathi Benu chats with Nitya Sharma, who won the PM’s fellowship for her research

10 Feb 2017

Teaching them to shoot at sight

Partho Bhowmick is helping blind people use photography to open their minds’ eyes up, finds Parvathi Benu

04 Feb 2017

Why worry, when Wangchuk is here?

Innovator extraordinaire Sonam Wangchuk, with his quirky ideas and out-of-the-box thought process is changing the face of Ladakh, finds Parvathi Benu

04 Feb 2017

KAI high: this device may make your mouse obsolete

This invention by two VIT students uses gestures to interact with computers, finds Parvathi Benu

28 Jan 2017

What sets Sahaj apart?

Apart from educating transgenders, many factors make this alternative learning centre different, finds Parvathi Benu.

22 Jan 2017

Even Lupus couldn’t stop her from dancing

K Sangeetha’s life is a constant battle between fighting lupus and dancing, finds Parvathi Benu

22 Jan 2017

He’s designing India’s  new graphic novel-film

Asvin Srivatsangam’s comic book company is all set to give India its first graphic novel film, up for release in 2018, finds Parvathi Benu

15 Jan 2017

Insta-throwback to partition paraphernalia

Parvathi Benu talks to Aanchal Malhotra, whose college project morphed into an Instagram account of objects from the partition

13 Jan 2017

Essaying change in India

Parvathi Benu talks to a news-savvy 15-year-old whose award-winning essay on India’s rising digital technology has won her a shot to fame

07 Jan 2017

‘People are recognising me a lot and I’m loving it!’

Triple ton man Karun Nair chats up Parvathi Benu about instant fame and more

02 Jan 2017

This teen stops child marriage

Parvathi Benu talks to Farida Khatun, a teenager who fights against child marriages and child labour in the slums of Kolkata

25 Dec 2016

Rocking her disability on the glitzy runway

Sophia Joe cannot speak or hear. But that hasn’t stopped this multi–talented model and athlete from making her way to the top wherever she goes, finds Parvathi Benu

18 Dec 2016

No hole in your pocket or lungs

This Bengaluru youngster’s solar cooktop could be the solution to India’s indoor air pollution problem, finds Parvathi Benu

16 Dec 2016