Pavitra Sriprakash

Welcome, TN development control rule!

Another potential addition in area is for service infrastructure – more areas need to be allocated for water management and waste management.

16 Feb 2019

This valentine’s day, promise to love mother earth

Switch to a dishwashing powder that’s biodegradable and plant-based.

11 Feb 2019

Live the eco-friendly Gandhian way

Republic day is celebrated every year with great pride on January 26 to honour the Constitution of India.

29 Jan 2019

This Boghi, think beyond air pollution

As part of the Swachh Bharat campaign, the National Air Quality Index portal produces an Air Quality Index (AQI) value for around 15 cities since April 2015.

09 Jan 2019

How eco-friendly are plastic alternatives?

The ban is ON! Since the beginning of this year, the ban on single- use plastic items is in effect in Tamil Nadu.

05 Jan 2019

Time to start segregating your garbage

It’s the time of the year we all make promises to ourselves — to lose weight, be healthy or simply just to live better.

28 Dec 2018

Mattress matters

Arecent experience of ordering a new mattress for my father has made me mattress savvy- rather mattress recycling savvy.

21 Dec 2018

Mind your own trash

Ours is one of the few countries in the world where people still get into sewers to check and unclog them.

14 Dec 2018

Luffa, a hidden gem in your garden

To harvest luffa for the fiber, the fruits are allowed to mature on the vine until they turn yellow or brownish.

11 Dec 2018

Solar power, brightening up your world

With this mandate it is hoped there will be a significant increase in the number of green jobs in the state.

30 Nov 2018

Step on the pedal to make a difference

 The second less-understood reason is the environment.

16 Nov 2018

Making innovations, brick by brick 

Every brick has a story to tell – is an age old adage that implies that each brick has its own story and experience.

09 Nov 2018

This Diwali, make smart choices for the sake of nature

Diwali is by far the country’s block buster festival.

02 Nov 2018

DIY cleaning tips for Diwali to keep your home fresh

The sweets are being prepared and there is a general festive mood that is slowly setting in.

28 Oct 2018

High-tech solutions to make your buildings smart

Let’s continue to cogitate on the previous question: ‘What is smarter? A smartphone or a leaf’.

19 Oct 2018