Prabhu Chawla

From following rules, poll politics is just to rule 

During the heady days of post-Independence nation-building, Indian politics was defined as a battle of beliefs between ideologies and parties.

13 Jan 2019

New 2019 charter for NaMo to revive unfulfilled India

Dear Narendrabhai, I’m sure you must’ve done enough introspection on your gains and losses in your first term as the prime minister of the first single-party majority government in three decades.

06 Jan 2019

Captain Imran his own POW in minorities battle

It is not often that a cricket captain on the field is demoted to an Army captain on the political battlefield. Cricket is a game of chance.

02 Jan 2019

Retired babus write for doublespeak relevance

It is not every superannuated panjandrum who is blessed with a well-paid intellectual armchair at a think tank or a new incarnation in some government body.

23 Dec 2018

NaMo, RaGa spar over election win battle of perception

The voting mosaic in the five states does not give a clear picture of the future of the two national parties and their top leadership.

16 Dec 2018

Protect number one in game of three

Highly moderated and sensitively crafted opinion polls and exit polls have given their verdict with formidable riders that alter the final outcome.

09 Dec 2018

Army puppet Imran Khan is an India-baiting poppet

Diplomacy is not 22 yards between two wickets where history is made and unmade.

02 Dec 2018

New national order to emerge from state elections

They will also shake and shape the present stature of Narendra Modi and his tested and trusted party president, Amit Shah.

25 Nov 2018

Repudiate agnostic opportunity as holy cause

In the universe of faith, atheists and believers are planets apart.

18 Nov 2018

Bharat in name is the unity game

The stench of invasions and humiliations has so often corrupted with fear the desolate streets and plundered homes of fallen cities.

11 Nov 2018

Telugu tiger plays opposition unifier against Modi

Make no mistake; the Andhra leader is not playing national politics only in the national interest.

04 Nov 2018

For God’s sake, politics now is band, baaja, Bharat 

In ideal statecraft, good religion and good politics complement each other. However, in New Age politics, God is the mascot of vote-catching, not a fisher of souls.

28 Oct 2018

Local dynasty or failed Pakistan no option for Kashmiri GenNext

Kashmir is no longer the paradise on earth Emperor Jehangir had visualised, but a slice of sunshine has fallen on its besieged streets and terror-darkened vales.

14 Oct 2018

Rahul must follow the regionals to be national

However, unlike the stock market that is dominated by 30 super duper blue chip companies, the political market is ruled by bantam regional outfits.

07 Oct 2018

Dirty Rafale war mirrors Bofors as forces bleed

The current kerfuffle over the Rs 57,000 crore Rafale deal signed with France by the NDA government is the Bofors Redux of this age

30 Sep 2018