Prabhu Chawla

Bharat in name is the unity game

The stench of invasions and humiliations has so often corrupted with fear the desolate streets and plundered homes of fallen cities.

11 Nov 2018

Telugu tiger plays opposition unifier against Modi

Make no mistake; the Andhra leader is not playing national politics only in the national interest.

04 Nov 2018

For God’s sake, politics now is band, baaja, Bharat 

In ideal statecraft, good religion and good politics complement each other. However, in New Age politics, God is the mascot of vote-catching, not a fisher of souls.

28 Oct 2018

Local dynasty or failed Pakistan no option for Kashmiri GenNext

Kashmir is no longer the paradise on earth Emperor Jehangir had visualised, but a slice of sunshine has fallen on its besieged streets and terror-darkened vales.

14 Oct 2018

Rahul must follow the regionals to be national

However, unlike the stock market that is dominated by 30 super duper blue chip companies, the political market is ruled by bantam regional outfits.

07 Oct 2018

Dirty Rafale war mirrors Bofors as forces bleed

The current kerfuffle over the Rs 57,000 crore Rafale deal signed with France by the NDA government is the Bofors Redux of this age

30 Sep 2018

Peace provocateurs behind PM Modi’s dialogue debacle

Modi is not an easy read for the cabals who seek his ear.

23 Sep 2018

RSS ends isolation to project its own India

Isolation petrifies ideas even as ideology is the Petri dish of ideation.

16 Sep 2018

BJP needs saffron literati against Congress authors

If politics is the war of ideologies, literature is the battleground of ideas.

09 Sep 2018

JPC is kryptonite of governments facing polls

The Modi government has no intention to play political Quidditch in such an aerial skirmish with the Congress, which is treating the French plane as the golden snitch to get past the poll goalpost.

02 Sep 2018

A Secular, Nationalist & Liberal Hindu

Even in death, he remains above any party or organisation. Ultimately he belonged to India. It is Vajpayee Shining

17 Aug 2018

A national connector leaves Tamil Nadu orphaned

When empires fall, the legacy of emperors is defined by their glory.

12 Aug 2018

Bengal Durga rallies regional pals in PM prototype

It is evident that TMC is all set to convert next year's poll battle into a face-off between Modi and Mamata. Maya doesn't have the numbers.

05 Aug 2018

Imran’s glam poses threat to Indian stumps

In the seduction of the classes, love potions are in plenty. Of them, glamour is the most dissimulating; often poison disguised as nectar, killing reason and character.

29 Jul 2018

Love and God in new Congress age

If the latest developments in the 132-year-old Congress Party are an indication, a churning process has begun within that could intensify into massive change.

22 Jul 2018