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Greats introspect, upstarts brag

This question arises because India’s series wins in Australia have resulted in some acrimonious debates on whether this is the greatest Indian team of all time.

21 Jan 2019

Players symptoms, not the problem

Over the centuries many other layers have been added to this ‘divine’ system of segregation and among them are our cricketers, a class apart from others.

14 Jan 2019

Achrekar’s life shows purity of Guru-Shishya bond

Achrekar Sir, as his wards that include Sachin Tendulkar and many other former Indian cricketers, used to address him, was no trained cricketing coach.

05 Jan 2019

Only time will tell if Vihari slips through cracks

Watching Hanuma Vihari being thrust into an opening position in Australia after having done reasonably well in the middle order, set off a chain of thoughts.

29 Dec 2018

Bickering blotch on CoA’s credibility

The never-ending war of words keeps the world going.

23 Dec 2018

Reality Check in changing times

Cheteshwar Pujara has a mind that seems incapable of getting distracted.

14 Dec 2018

Halo of stardom cannot conceal human frailties

Between the ideal and the idol exists a real world of success, failure, beauty and the ugliness that defines human beings.

01 Dec 2018

Of highs and lows, tiff with legends and being hopeful

And like the late Jasdev Singh would always be hopeful, so too will all Indians that India will repeat its 1975 performance.

26 Nov 2018

Lesson in aggression for India in rebuttal of Australian outlook

Many would argue that these are great words full of passion from a cricketer whose sole motto while leading his team is to win the game.

24 Nov 2018

Golden chance for India to extend Australia’s woes

Australia, the land of the self-assured, and many would say smug, cricketers while playing on home territory, are today a nation in turmoil.

19 Nov 2018

Boorish side of Kohli alarming for Indian cricket

Virat Kohli, India’s pride and neighbour’s envy, is one such celebrity who is in the news all the time, and not always for the right reasons.

11 Nov 2018

Chemistry of the playable ball

A s India head to Australia for another searing examination of their skills away from home, an important aspect of the game — the ball — is at the centre of discussions.

03 Nov 2018

High Time ICC comes out of denial mode on fixing claims

Though the rot runs deep and wide, predictably England and Australia have reacted with strong denials that their players can’t be involved in such activities.

27 Oct 2018

Malaise scary and deep rooted

Cricket as a sport has been battling many corruption charges, none more damaging to its integrity than the scourge of match-fixing.

17 Oct 2018

Congratulate Prithvi Shaw but don’t start celebrating just yet

In the excitement of unearthing probably a rare, real batting talent in Prithvi Shaw, let us not recreate a fantasy world in which Indian cricket is back on the rails and looking at a great future ahe

06 Oct 2018