Pradip R. Sagar

Army upset over involvement in Mumbai rail bridge

As the Serving army officials tightlipped due to Service Rules, veterans decided to bat for them and came out openly to speak on their behalf.

31 Oct 2017

Barrel of US-manufactured Howitzer gun explodes during Indian army's calibration trial

According to army sources, barrel explosion happened last week, when the US manufactured gun was firing Indian ammunition and field firing was aimed at compilation of firing tables.

12 Sep 2017

Doklam effect: No exchange of sweets by Chinese this time on Independence Day

Indian and Chinese militaries are engaged in an eyeball to eyeball situation in the Dokalam plateau, close to Sikkim over the construction of a road by Chinese military since June 16.  

14 Aug 2017

How many soldiers are in Doklam? 40 or 400?

Contrary to Chinese claims, India has not reduced the number of its troops in Doklam, where the People Liberation Army (PLA) and the Indian Army have been eyeball to eyeball for 50 days.

03 Aug 2017

China to remain a threat in near future: Army vice-chief

Referring to Army chief General Bipin Rawat’s recent comment on ‘two and half front war’, vice-chief says that Army chief’s remark was not meant to create ‘war hysteria’.

26 Jul 2017

Indian army targets Pakistani posts across LoC in punitive assault, releases video

The Indian army has carried out a 'punitive assault' across the LoC, damaging Pakistan army posts which were reportedly aiding infiltrators at Naushera sector in Jammu and Kashmir.

23 May 2017