Prakash Nanda

Focus on women’s representation, not representatives

Prakash Nanda Senior journalist, author and strategic analyst

14 Oct 2017

PM has the authority to pick talent from outside normal political class, Modi isn’t new

One of the most talked-about features of the latest revamp of the Union Council of Ministers has been the induction of four former civil servants—two belonging to the Indian Administrative Service (IA

09 Sep 2017

Hope veep Venkaiah revives the Rajya Sabha’s long lost dignity and decorum

Ironical it may sound, but seen in concrete terms, under the Indian Constitution, the Vice-President (V-P), not the President, has got a more onerous responsibility.

12 Aug 2017

Wars and arms: A tale of two ministries

A recent CAG report said our Army lacked ammunition to fight a war longer than
10 days. But it’s not all that grave

03 Aug 2017

Why Punjab’s diaspora is with Kejri

Despite the Akali Dal promising land in the US and Canada, AAP’s anti-corruption platform resonates with the State’s NRIs

03 Feb 2017

Migration and national integration

Karnataka has proposed a plan to provide reservation in private sector for Kannadigas. Is it just quota politics or something more?

05 Jan 2017