Princy Alexander

Out in the open

The Delhi-based Malayali Swathi Gangadharan and her two friends are breaking stereotypes of classical dance by performing on the streets through the ‘Bharatnatyam in the Wild’ initiative.

21 Feb 2018

Indira, told novelly using graphic art: An illustrative biography of Indira Gandhi

Comic illustrator Priya Kuriyan from Kochi speaks about teaming up with writer Devapriya Roy for  
‘Indira’, an illustrative biography on Indira Gandhi.

20 Feb 2018

Stalking to fame

Standup comedian Sumukhi Suresh’s most popular video series is on a woman stalker whose hilarious episodes are the talk of the town

15 Feb 2018

Ofir Food Fest: A trailblazing food journey

Food enthusiast Aysha Mahmood and her friends organised Kerala’s first multi-community food fest

13 Feb 2018

In Exchange for art

Artists Sergey Balovin and Claudia Beccato have travelled to 54 countries penniless through the ‘In Kind Exchange’  project where they sell their art services in exchange for food and utility services

08 Feb 2018

Finding  good toilets

Architect Ganga Dileep speaks about the Toilet app she has helped develop and how it is expected to help the public gain access to good and safe toilets in the near future

06 Feb 2018

Maker of ‘Madhuram Malayalam’ Sherrin Varghese back with new song

Mumbai-based Malayali musician Sherrin Varghese is back with a trippy music video- a rejig of a popular Bollywood classic

31 Jan 2018

Packed in style

The Burlap People, a start-up creating handmade bags using jute, recently launched their first in the series of vegan bags in Kochi  

25 Jan 2018

Framed to perfection

There are scores of legendary men and women who have impressed with their finesse for the arts. Sreekumaran Thampy’s contribution to Malayalam, one of many in his illustrious career,

23 Jan 2018

Thriving on daily conversations

Bishtriti Poddar’s ‘Paperless Postcards’ thrives on everyday conversations and is reviving the art on digital medium

22 Jan 2018

Perfect timing

Two friends have started WoodAge, a one-stop online shop selling unique customised wooden clocks

18 Jan 2018

Spinning ‘spiritual clothes’

French artist Catherine Stoll Simon’s series about spiritual clothes is an exploration of the tunics worn by
Christian priests, Hindu monks, and Muslim clerics among others

17 Jan 2018

Saving the past: Sajitha Madathil launches online archive on Kerala's traditional art forms

Theatre artist Sajitha Madathil and team has founded attakkalam, an online archive which is aimed at preserving the indigenous traditional art forms of Kerala

11 Jan 2018

All good lathered fun

Deepa Philip is a soaper whose idea of fun soaps led her to create her own brand ‘Sana’. She plans to launch an exclusive line for children soon

10 Jan 2018

Comedy is his forte

Malayali Uday Alexander recently won the Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA) for Best Achievement Comedy

08 Jan 2018

Asian Games 2018