Pushpesh Pant

Explosive language not lost in translation

Be it words of endearment or sugar abuse, it is best to tread with caution when conversing in a language not fully under one’s command.

18 May 2019

Polls have become a cruel spectator sport

Elections are described, habitually by our super articulate anchors, as the Festival of Democracy. Unfortunately, most of us accept this proposition mindlessly.

03 May 2019

What Stops the Poll Panel from Showing its Teeth?

Election Fever, it is well known, is marked with symptoms like flushed faces and delirious babble—nothing that a cold towel pressed to the temple can’t alleviate.

18 Apr 2019

Thirty-two steps to greatness, or not

Long ago, there lived a king called Bhoj who believed that his love and concern for his subjects was unmatched.

06 Apr 2019

Marriages of convenience, outrageous flirtations

There is nothing unusual about changing sides just before the elections specially when denied a ‘ticket to contest’.

23 Mar 2019

Voters’ Gaze Shifts to Other Battle Lines

The nation continues to mourn the martyrs and is still seething in rage at the slaughter of the men in uniform at Pulwama.

09 Mar 2019

Let’s all unite to repel the enemy

The time of mourning is over. The martyrs will live forever in our memory. But it is important to ask questions however unpleasant and heartless they may seem.

22 Feb 2019

Political vendetta and constitutional crises

The battle of nerves between the Chief Minister of West Bengal and the Central government has taken an ugly turn.

08 Feb 2019

It’s time to move from individuals to issues

Sycophants like some scientists at the Science Congress have done great disservice to the Master they hoped to please.

26 Jan 2019

Promises can wait, report card can’t

The top echelons of the BJP appear to be complacent only because of the many visible fault lines that divide those arrayed in Opposition.

12 Jan 2019

What comes after the fall?

It was not just the anti-incumbency factor that put paid to the BJP’s dreams to return once more to power.

22 Dec 2018

India’s never-ending battles

By the time these lines are printed, many battles would have been fought, won and lost.

08 Dec 2018

Will NDA Manage to Pass the 2019 Test?

The year is drawing to an agonising end.

24 Nov 2018

Of Statues and Bridges, Giants and Dwarfs

The ‘Statue of Unity’ has served us well by drawing our attention to ‘opportunistic appropriation’ as well as the neglect of the Makers of Modern India who didn’t belong to the Dynasty.

10 Nov 2018

Blind faith overpowers reason at Sabarimala

News from other parts of the country has been no less disturbing.

27 Oct 2018