TRS wants to retain primacy, but can BJP rain on its parade?

Heady with the landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP is raring to inflict on TRS a death by thousand cuts.

14 Jul 2019

Telangana forest officer attack: A grim reminder that government is sitting on powder keg

Irony prevails on the fact that while the TRS government asks officers to go to degraded forest lands as part of the Haritha Haram programme, ruling MLAs and their musclemen try to stop them.

07 Jul 2019

TRS trying to look taller, and stronger than rivals

If the TRS won the last Assembly elections hands down, it was because of the mojo of KCR despite the fact that there was anti-incumbency wave against many of his MLAs.

01 Jul 2019

This is how Telangana government aims to take corruption head-on

The new Municipal Act, which is in the making now, is expected to take head-on, the multi-headed hydra of corruption in the civic bodies. 

23 Jun 2019

Buoyed by win in Lok Sabha polls, Telangana BJP eyes big fish from Congress, TDP

After PM Modi emerged as a supernova on the national political scene, the party seems to have been turbocharged to expand its net far and wide in Telangana with an eye on capturing power in 2023.

16 Jun 2019

Telangana's TRS soars like an eagle in ZPTC, MPTC local body elections

In the elections to the ZPTCs and MPTCs in Telangana, the TRS battered Congress and the BJP out of shape.

10 Jun 2019

KCR-Jagan bonhomie may augur well for TS, AP

The main bone of contention between the two States had been sharing of Krishna river waters though there has not been much discord on Godavari.

02 Jun 2019

Will BJP play spoilsport for TRS in Telangana?

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s federal front initiative had never gone down well with the saffron party.

01 Jun 2019

Verdict in Telangana proves voters know best

At least four ministers seemed to have taken it easy convinced that KCR’s magic would make the party nominees win the elections hands down.

26 May 2019

The big reason behind KCR'S daughter Kavitha's defeat in Nizamabad

TRS alleges that BJP had reached out to Congress and took its support to vanquish Kavitha.

25 May 2019

TRS gets a jolt, enjoys success in just nine seats

As a result, at the end of counting of votes polled for the 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana, the TRS ended up with just nine in its kitty, losing four to the BJP and three to the Congress.

24 May 2019

It’s for Telangana government to soften the blow on farmers

Now it is incumbent upon the State to at least soften the blow on farmers who are helping the cause of the State.

19 May 2019

Congress to blame itself for present predicament

The Congress leaders are not very hopeful of the outcome of the Lok Sabha elections

12 May 2019

Has Inter exam muddle come at a wrong time for TRS?

As the number of student suicides keep increasing, a sense of disquiet is prevailing in the ruling camp as the intermediate debacle came as a hard knock to the credibility of the government.

28 Apr 2019

Will KCR be able to root out corruption in government departments?

They have been crying foul that the chief minister had ignored completely the services they are doing for the people.

21 Apr 2019