R Rajashekar Rao

Accused may be acquitted on benefit of doubt

During the course of investigation, names of 17 persons surfaced as suspects, including the appellants.

7 hours ago

No conviction on basis of surmises, conjectures: Supreme Court

In appeals filed before the Supreme Court, the appellants challenged the order of the sessions judge imposing death sentence which was affirmed by the High Court.

16 Sep 2019

High court raps Telangana government over alarming rise in dengue cases

There was an urgent need to take preventive measures on a war footing to curb spread of dengue, the bench observed.

31 Aug 2019

Its builder’s responsibility, not owner’s, to comply with fire safety rules

Accordingly, the petition is allowed by quashing all further proceedings pending against the petitioner before the lower court.

19 Aug 2019

Conviction will not stand if evidence fails to prove death is homicidal

The counsel for the appellant-accused contended that there are no eye-witnesses to the alleged incident.

12 Aug 2019

Anyone accused of a crime has the right to be notified of the charges

Service of notice can be presumed in respect of a letter containing a document which was addressed prepaid and posted by registered post.

05 Aug 2019

Exhaust alternative remedies, only then invoke High Court’s extra-ordinary jurisdiction

Even the High Courts do not entertain the writ petition if the aggrieved person has not availed other remedies, more so, such remedies are incorporated in a statute.

29 Jul 2019

‘General Clauses Act cannot be applied to Errum Manzil’

On July 17, a division bench had told the State that it cannot demolish Errum Manzil as such buildings are protected under Section 6 of General Clauses Act of the Centre.

28 Jul 2019

Supreme Court asks Andhra Pradesh, Telangana to register FIRs on police encounters

Supreme Court said that after registration of FIR the same should be brought to the notice of courts concerned.

19 Jul 2019

In non-cognizable cases, ball is in magistrate’s court

Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, no police officer should investigate a non-cognizable case without the order of concerned magistrate.

15 Jul 2019

Suspicion cannot take the place of proof: Telangana High Court

The High Court has acquitted the accused in a murder case saying that the prosecution has failed to bring home guilt of the accused beyond all reasonable doubt.

24 Jun 2019

Confession made to police not admissible in evidence against accused, Telangana HC 

According to the Supreme Court, Section 25 of the Evidence Act was enacted to eliminate from consideration confessions made to an officer who, by virtue of his position could extort by force.

17 Jun 2019

SC held that charges will fail with absence of proof of demand in bribery cases

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court has held that in the absence of proof of demand of illegal gratification the charge thereof would fail.

10 Jun 2019

Verdict based on admission is court’s discretion

One of the company approached the district court with a plea for recovery of its amount from the defendant company along with interest.

13 May 2019

Telangana High Court: Mere suspicion not enough for conviction

A conviction cannot be sustained if it is based on suspicion rather than on proof beyond reasonable doubt.

06 May 2019