Raghottam Koppar

Scarcity of water drives blackbucks closer to humans in Gadag district

Severe drought in Gadag district has affected the wild herbivores, which are now coming towards the human habitats to quench their thirst.

13 Apr 2018

The melodious success story of a flute maker

Today, sweet notes of Ramesh Bakale’s flutes resonate in 120 countries.

08 Apr 2018

Karnataka: For these differently-abled, Mallakhamba is child’s play

Mallakhamba is a traditional sport in which a gymnast performs aerial yoga postures and wrestling grips in concert with a vertical stationary wooden pole, cane or hanging rope.

18 Feb 2018

Karnataka: Lack of facilities forces differently abled man to send mercy killing petition to President Kovind

A man from Mulagund has written an application to the President seeking mercy killing, saying he has not got any government facilities for many years.

16 Dec 2017

For him, teaching is life

Basavantappa Guraappa Annigeri, 87, has been teaching poor students in Gadag for free since 1954. He even spends his money on providing them food and accommodation

10 Dec 2017

Shhhh! You are not allowed to talk before this deity in Gadag

Fed up with noisy crowd at markets? Head straight to a Gadag village where a ‘mute fair’ is organised.

30 Nov 2017

Law of this land: No booze or crime in Lingadal village of Karnataka

Lingadal villagers have ensured this code for the past 70 years and are proud of the legacy

03 Sep 2017

Dangal in Gadag of Karnataka

Actor Aamir Khan’s biopic on Haryana’s Phogat sisters may have put the spotlight on women in the wrestling ring and made the Haryanvi sisters poster girls of the sport.

13 Aug 2017

This Gadag farmer asks govt to find him a bride

Gram panchayat finally takes notice of his memorandum after he submits it for the 15th time; he says parents only want highly educated men for their daughters

03 Aug 2017

Now alien hunters sighted at Karntaka's Antur village

Antur was in the news last week after some of the villagers claimed to have heard heavy breathing in the eaarly hours and discovered unusual ‘footprints’ in the fields.

20 Jul 2017

NWKRTC bus driver sole eye-witness to ‘alien’

The alien story is getting curiouser and curiouser. On Wednesday night, some villagers of Anthur who were going by a bus claimed that they had seen a mysterious creature.

14 Jul 2017

‘Bigfoot’ causes panic in Gadag village

The discovery of unusual footprints in Antur village of Gadag has caused panic and excitement among villagers who believe an alien may have landed in their backyard.

11 Jul 2017

Artificial waterhole brings nocturnal life alive in Kappatagudda forest

A small pond created inside the Kappatagudda forest in Gadag district a month ago is attracting several nocturnal animals.

22 May 2017