Rahul Ravikumar

Back biting! Time to handle Hardik Pandya with care

All these points circle back to a very obvious sub-text, one that Chinmoy Roy himself puts forth clearly.

22 Feb 2019

Mayank Markande: Young and geared up to break a leg

India’s growing affinity for wrist-spin may have seemingly shut the door on Ravindra Jadeja for the moment, but that’s left a big one ajar for Mayank Markande.

18 Feb 2019

Two-horse race to force the pace

The white ball isn’t as generous in movement as the red one. And, it isn’t as if there’s a fixed pattern of movement in England.

15 Feb 2019

With Pant or without? Not an easy choice

It’s a good and a bad time to be a selector for the Indian team.

12 Feb 2019

Searching: Fingerprint

All this said, Muttiah Muralitharan feels that his ilk still have a role to play in white-ball cricket.

10 Feb 2019

Kiwi polish makes India glow

All’s well that ends well. Not that India’s Sunday against New Zealand needed everything to be wrapped up with a big red bow on top; the series was already theirs.

04 Feb 2019

Mitchell Starc will be Australia's pace spearhead at World Cup: Michael Kasprowicz

It’s been nearly a year since that incident involving a piece of sandpaper threw the cricketing landscape Down Under into chaos.

03 Feb 2019

India's batting debacle: None to the four

Taking nothing away from MS Dhoni’s creditable displays with the bat which make him the first contender for No 4 come the World Cup, it also shows India’s inability to groom someone for the slot.

02 Feb 2019

India vs New Zealand: Time to check spare parts on road to England

India comprehensively wrapped up the series against New Zealand on Monday.

31 Jan 2019

Age 40, average 80: Wasim still a jaffa

On one hand, there is MS Dhoni, who started off by showing that even at 37 his nerves pump liquid nitrogen.

21 Jan 2019

Slow and unsteady MS Dhoni remains a reason to worry for India

Since 2017, Dhoni has notched up 1,114 runs in 36 innings. The gaps in his average (5.55) and strike rate (8.65) for this period as compared to his career statistics 

15 Jan 2019

Ranji Trophy: False starts leading to a familiar end for Tamil Nadu

One thing that Sharath is referring to is a particular tendency that Tamil Nadu have picked up over the last two seasons: not exerting pressure in their first outing with the bat.

12 Jan 2019

Rishabh Pant: Babysitter to big-hitter

Irony really loves to show itself in the most sardonic way possible.

05 Jan 2019

Jai Hanuma, India’s cry of desperation

Talk about India really rolling the dice in crunch games this year.

26 Dec 2018

Melbourne Test: India faces top order heat against resurgent Aussies

KL Rahul has been playing inswingers like they’re unpinned hand-grenades. Murali Vijay seems to have forgotten the ball-leaving abstinence that had turned him into the Monk.

22 Dec 2018