Rahul V Pisharody

TRS MP Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy’s properties searched

The I-T sleuths were reportedly acting on suspicious transactions found in Reddy’s business operations.

4 hours ago

Make your vote count. Post your demands online

Bad roads, garbage pile ups, encroachments,and illegal sale of drinking water etc are all some of the issues being raised on social media in the run up to elections.

17 Sep 2018

Virtual war before polls gets dirtier by day

With the upcoming elections to Telangana Assembly, the political war on the virtual world has just shifted gears.

16 Sep 2018

Hyderabad-Nawab in hot pursuit of man-eater tigress & cubs heads to Maharashtra

The tigress named T1 from Pandharkawda has in the last 18 months killed 14 human beings. 

12 Sep 2018

Telangana: BJP neta follows Uttar Pradesh model, campaigns with LED van

While Reddy has hired one such truck in the last few days and plans to hire one more, it appears there is a huge demand for such vans among politicians.

12 Sep 2018

Virtual war preceding battle of the ballot becomes dirtier by the day

With early elections to the state Assembly looking certain now, the political war on the virtual world has just shifted gears.

10 Sep 2018

Registrar of Companies closing in on ‘mystery man’ suspected in shell companies fraud

Just a day after cracking down on a whopping 114 shell firms, most of which belonged to disgraced entrepreneur B Ramalinga Raju, sleuths are said to be closing in on this mystery person.‚Äč

27 Jul 2018

SRSR employees maintain claim to legitimacy

The advisory firm has been reportedly operating from the city for the last 3 years

27 Jul 2018

Telangana: Toddler run over by private school van in Rangareddy district

The 21-year-month-old baby identified as Momula Adhya had come to the main road along with her mother, who was seeing of the girl's elder brother to school.

25 Jun 2018

Hum fit toh force fit: Hyderabad police force to get into shape

Our objective is to transform Hyderabad police into a more fitter force in another three to four months, says Anjani Kumar Obesity among policemen cutting across various ranks has been an issue raised

15 Jun 2018

Telangana IPS officers shy away from PM Modi’s fitness challenge

While a majority of the IPS officers who have accepted the PM’s fitness challenge and posted their videos on Twitter, are those from BJP-ruled states.

15 Jun 2018

Madrassa Ustad used to do disgusting things to us, says students

Ansari is currently in jail after being arrested and charged with a case registered under unnatural sex, criminal intimidation of IPC and  of POCSO Act. 

05 May 2018

How easy is it to carry a gun into a pub in Hyderabad?

While some of them carry weapons due to a certain threat perception, there are quite a few, police sources say, carry weapons as a status symbol.

02 May 2018

Once famous Ritz Hotel of Hyderabad now turns into a shooting location for films

A young woman’s shriek resonated inside the iconic Hill Fort palace, popularly known as Ritz Hotel, that has been lying abandoned and away from public gaze for the last 21 years.

15 Apr 2018

NSG Complex: Where training is given in audacious operations

The SCG complex, sprawling over 200-acre campus, is equipped with structures for building intervention, artificial rock craft wall, structures for obstacle course, facility for Japanese martial arts.

11 Apr 2018