Rajas Kelkar 

Keep your folio plain and simple 

When it comes to creating financial assets, the key is to incorporate simplicity, to save you complications in future

15 Jul 2019

When market corrects self, ride the wave

Share prices sometimes rally ahead of the actual profit growth of businesses, and time to time, this undergoes correction. Do not panic when share prices are falling, sit through it.

15 Apr 2019

National Pension Scheme can fill up your retirement kitty

Elders in your family would always have thumb rules to share.

08 Apr 2019

What interim budget means for your money

India is perhaps the only country where there is such a widespread hype around an account statement.

04 Feb 2019

Tame your fear of losing money in equities

Index-based exchange-traded funds and mutual funds are a way to start; picking the right company, adviser is next

30 Apr 2018