Rajesh Abraham

Kerala to submit report on projects for World Bank funding by Feb-end

Last October, the World Bank had said it was looking to extend support of up to $500 million to Kerala’s comprehensive flood recovery efforts and to build greater resilience to future shocks.

22 Jan 2019

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commits $1 million to cancer tech incubation centre in Kochi

Cochin Cancer Research Centre (CCRC) Director Dr Moni Abraham Kuriakose told Express that $1 
million is committed for a period of five years.

16 Jan 2019

Changing travel trends: Goodbye, resorts. Hello, camping

The increased interest in camping can also be gauged by the number of people visiting Campper’s website: 75,000 in the October-December quarter, versus 25,000 in the July-September quarter.

13 Jan 2019

Freezing Kerala: Chilly weather to continue for another five days

While Munnar reported minus 3 degree Celsius, several parts of the state, including Sabarimala and some pockets in Kottayam, recorded 17 degree Celsius.

07 Jan 2019

Rich year: NRK deposits in full flow, to touch Rs 2 trillion

Kerala, which waited for more than 50 years to touch the Rs 1 trillion mark in terms of remittance, looks set to breach Rs 2 trillion mark in less than five years.

01 Jan 2019

A look back at the first quarter of 2018 in Kerala

The first quarter (January-March) was relatively quiet — calm before the storm  — Nipah, the devastating floods and the Sabarimala issues were to dominate the news in the ensuing months, now we know:

27 Dec 2018

Obsolete syllabus: Kerala governmentt mulls overhaul of engineering curriculum

Usha Titus, Principal Secretary, Department of Higher Education, has admitted there are components in the curriculum which are not up to date.

15 Dec 2018

ARC remedies not quite working for banks in Kerala

ARCs are not finding the Kerala market lucrative enough even while banks such as Federal Bank realise it is better to chase the defaulters themselves rather than selling off the bad loans to the ARCs.

10 Dec 2018

Coconut oil: Mushrooming extraction units in Kerala sensing demand 

While his business model was sound, there was something he did not anticipate; that several others would also think of the same idea.

28 Nov 2018

Tick, tock, it’s a naphtha bomb floating off Kochi

 A time bomb that has been ticking for almost six months off the Kochi coast now faces the threat of a short trigger in the shape of cyclone Gaja.

16 Nov 2018

Weak finances, fall in rupee pose herculean task to state

This will also be a huge factor when the time comes to repay the World Bank and ADB loan. 

16 Nov 2018

Kerala Fibre Optic Network project awarding likely by end of the month

The laying of fibre optic cables over KSEB’s high-tension power supply line will be completed in 18 months. K-FON was first announced by Finance Minister T M Thomas Isaac in the 2017-18 budget.

03 Nov 2018

Nasscom’s promising startups list has three duds from Kerala

What has got the Kerala IT industry’s goat is Nasscom’s decision to ignore Thiruvananthapuram among the start-up hubs even as cities such as Ahmedabad and Indore were named as ‘emerging start-up hubs’

01 Nov 2018

That ain’t a fair deal, folks!

Ease of doing business is not just about single-window clearance for setting up establishments or conducting big business events.

28 Oct 2018

Crude price rise signals brighter job prospects in West Asia

The fall in oil prices from a high of $140 a barrel in 2008 to $43-44 in 2015 meant West Asian countries drastically cut investments, leading to job losses.

26 Oct 2018