This 50-year-old Delhi man conquered Mount Everest

Fifty-year-old corporate honcho, Aditya Gupta, describes his travails of conquering the world’s highest peak

14 Jul 2019

Delhi music club to celebrate flavour of Varanasi on July 13

The fourth season of the music concert, Under the Banyan Tree on a Full Moon Night, organised by Delhi’s iconic music club Friends of Music, will celebrate the spirit of Varanasi, today.

13 Jul 2019

‘I don’t get insulted by anything’: stand up comedian Jaspreet Singh

Jaspreet Singh on his journey from doing small gigs to globe-trotting with his solo shows.

11 Jul 2019

Language of trees displayed at Delhi's IIC

He mostly creates abstract works with chandeliers, thrones and crowns; each done in spirals – his signature style.

10 Jul 2019

Tickle the bookworm in you at these Delhi libraries

Delhi has some great libraries for all those who want to study or enjoy a leisurely read of fiction. You can join their reading rooms or borrow a book by becoming a member, the choice is yours

09 Jul 2019

‘I’ve gone for years without writing a word’, says author Sindhu Rajasekaran

What’s unique about Rajasekaran’s journey as an author is that she’s an electronics and communications engineer, who shifted gears due to her love for English literature.

07 Jul 2019

Gluten intolerance: Fact or fad?

Chefs from top Delhi restaurants advice you to go completely gluten-free only if you are allergic to gluten, otherwise you may experience vitamin deficiencies.

05 Jul 2019

‘Innovate to stay relevant’ says Noida art teacher 

Sarkar who works as an art teacher at Noida’s Army Public School says, 'An artist must keep innovating, otherwise, it can get dull and drab'.

03 Jul 2019

Are you prepared for the rains?

With the monsoons almost upon us, here are a few tips to play safe.

02 Jul 2019

Dokra jewellery or necklaces made by the Bhilala tribes of Gujarat will now be just a click away

The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India ties up with Amazon Global to sell traditional Indian art pieces in over 190 countries.

01 Jul 2019

Disability inclusion startups to get Rs 20 lakh funding

India has anywhere between 4-8 crore disabled individuals, which is one in 12 households and due to low literacy levels, social stigma and lack of opportunities, many face exclusion from society.

30 Jun 2019

Autism under the archlights

The event in question is a musical titled, Gandhi, a 40-minute musical about the life of the Father of Nation, in commemoration of his 150th birth anniversary.

29 Jun 2019

Dubsmash star’s big screen debut with Noblemen

Shaan Grover discusses acting on stage at five to making his Bollywood debut at 24.

28 Jun 2019

Promoting Sattriya, 30 years and counting

Delving into danseuse Prateesha Suresh’s remarkable devotion towards promoting the Assamese classical dance form

26 Jun 2019

Harini Srinivasan: Besotted by historical fiction

The author talks about her book The Curse of Anuganga and more.

23 Jun 2019