Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

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There is a school of thought that holds to the belief that all life has sprung from one supreme source and everything in the world is a particle that is connected to that source.

11 hours ago

Does social media drive your mental health?

As per WHO report, it is estimated that nearly 300 million people suffer from depression which is now considered as a leading cause of disability worldwide.

12 Sep 2018

Education for a peaceful society

'It’s a pity that some governments are not clear in their mind that education in values also is an important part of education.'

06 Sep 2018

Universal religion is need of hour

It is an undeniable fact that every normal person wants to discover the meaning of his worldly existence and wants to know himself and the Creator and also the goal or purpose of his life

18 Jul 2018

Kindness is a well of sustenance worth visiting every day

Kindness, as the Greek philosopher Sophocles said, gives birth to kindness.

05 Jul 2018

You can transcend fear, attachment and vices by being conscious of your soul

There is not a single human being on earth who is free from fear. Right? Of course, because we all have one or the other kind of fear.

28 Jun 2018

On the path of planetary transformation

In our pride of scientific achievement, we have forgotten the laws of the universe which we transgress only at our peril.

13 Jun 2018

Violence is not the only way to get justice in this society

Today, all over the world people are crying out one demand i.e ‘We want justice’.

06 Jun 2018

Learn to be sincere in life, it makes you a better person

A few years ago, nobody would talk about moral values, attitudes and moods.

30 May 2018

The conscious and the unconscious

The world is divided into two major groups as far as existence of soul is concerned, one of these consists people who believe in the existence of the soul — called religious people — and the other con

23 May 2018

Go beyond the mind to know yourself better

It is now becoming something of a cliché in various circles of modern life — from religion to psychology to holistic medicine, to use the phrase ‘body-mind-soul’ or ‘body-mind-spirit’ when referring

16 May 2018

Tolerance and acceptance are necessary in any relationship

We all want others to treat us decently . However one must not forget that while expecting so, we need to treat others decently as well.

09 May 2018

Respect and faith are key tools in solving problems

Any kind of conflict has two dimensions, internal and external. Internal conflicts arise when mind and intellect are moving in the opposite direction.

02 May 2018

It’s all about learning the art of acceptance and moving on

We all experience pain in our day to day life because its inevitable and it is a part of being human. Our pain might stem from losing a dear one, losing our job, a bad break up, a fatal accident or un

25 Apr 2018

Motives and intentions ignite sustainable development

We all know that whenever a human being engages into an action, he does so with some motive or some intention. Right?. Even when a person explains, at the end of an action, that he had no

18 Apr 2018