Rakshnna Pattabiraman

Designer runs into toys, saves a village

Design consultant with a telecom company is giving another lease of life to Channapatna’s toy-making craft

19 Jan 2017

‘How i met my great granddad krumbiegel’

Alyia Phelps Gardiner, great granddaughter of GH Krumbiegel, says how little she knew of the great horticulturist and his works

18 Jan 2017

Banana Bags: Fruit Fabric Making a Social Statement

Clutches, lamp shades, handbags made out of banana fibre! Wondering if you misread banana fibre for jute? No.

18 Jan 2017

‘Sour curd is the strongest organic spray’

Who knew one could actually cultivate pomegranate on a roof top? A 39-year-old rooftop gardener, who has made it a point to eat “poison-free food”, grows his own fruits and vegetables.

18 Jan 2017

From the land of silk, weaved with love

According to her, the handloom market in India leaves very little choice for minor or small scale artisans to survive.

12 Jan 2017

A passionate biker’s ‘chocolatey’ journey

An essential for any biker going on long trips are energy bars and finding an ideal one drove this Huda to make her own.

11 Jan 2017

Crafting mojris out of used denims, lending a hand

 A Hundred Hands aim to create a livelihood for those in need of financial stability and strives for towards sustainability.

04 Jan 2017

Bengaluru men spice up carols with swedish beats

 The Bangalore Men, an all-male choir is one of the most sort after groups in the city when it comes to tribute and montage performances.

04 Jan 2017

Go native in your veggie garden

Prabhakar Rao, an architect, and his son Varun, a mechanical engineer, now run a farm that has collected over 500 native seeds.

04 Jan 2017

Nuts, bolts and tyre tubes replace jewels for this duo

If you’re planning on surprising a friend with a gift, this New Year’s, get him or her jewellery.

29 Dec 2016

Boy short of college fee seeks help, the internet pitches in

Several startups, artistes and public movements banked on crowdfunding this year. The world did seem like a generous place after all.

29 Dec 2016

On terraces, try soil-less gardens

A plant grows wherever it is seeded. Ideally, you need a spacious yard with abundant supply of sunshine and water but times are changing.

28 Dec 2016

Drop your faded denims, pick up quirky clutches and mini-posters

To those of you who dream of a zero waste living and want to plan a sustainable lifestyle, listen up.

27 Dec 2016

On a highway to Dubai to save lives

Apart from being a broadcast media professional, Anil Srivatsa takes to long drives that runs more than a few miles.

22 Dec 2016

‘Dolphin’ the killer whale started it

Designer and illustrator Matt Lee has a collection of 750 matchboxes, which he keeps for their artwork, and it started at a chai shop in Bengaluru

21 Dec 2016