Rakshnna Pattabiraman

How facebook helped me grow my greens

 The city’s gardeners are making use of every inch of space they have. From investing in coco peat to growing bags, every self taught or professional gardener is looking for ways to use the space

15 Feb 2017

Make a DIY Website under 3 minutes

All startups today need an online presence to be heard by the right audience.

02 Feb 2017

How to grow a butterfly garden

They are easy to have and maintain, provided you stick to the green side

01 Feb 2017

Channelling St Mother Teresa’s spirit to grow veggies

For Jasmine Fernandes, 59, it has been a good 16 years so far, since she took to terrace gardening.

01 Feb 2017

‘Zumba changed my life for good’

Zumba is cardio that is ‘fun’. For anyone looking forward to losing weight the ‘fun’ way, join zumba workshops.

28 Jan 2017

Shake it off the attakalari way

From workshops on contemporary dancing to acts by int’l artistes, catch it all at Attakalari India Biennial starting Feb 3

26 Jan 2017

Now you can recycle truck tyres to build yourself a shoe

There are few things better than a nice footwear, and we have our hearts set on this sustainable, environmental friendly Paaduks

25 Jan 2017

Puppy love in watercolours

Gumi Malhotra, who does paintings of shelter dogs, hopes her work will inspire people to 
adopt Indogs 

25 Jan 2017

Bengaluru techie’s old-age home aims to reunite families

Deepa G, 39, who formerly worked in IT companies such as Dell and HP quit her job to start the Punahchetana Foundation in 2015.

25 Jan 2017

Scrapping airline tyres to make trendy ethical footwear couture

If you are someone who believes in sustainabile living and are looking for alternatives in footwears, here’s a new trend you have got to catch up with.

25 Jan 2017

An app to help make labour laws accessible for start-ups

Simpliance has almost 40,000 pages of labour laws, library curated and researched upon.

24 Jan 2017

Knifing it up for art 

Pooja adapts the Japanese art of paper cutting Kiri-e to make personalised gift items

23 Jan 2017

Designer runs into toys, saves a village

Design consultant with a telecom company is giving another lease of life to Channapatna’s toy-making craft

19 Jan 2017

‘Sour curd is the strongest organic spray’

Who knew one could actually cultivate pomegranate on a roof top? A 39-year-old rooftop gardener, who has made it a point to eat “poison-free food”, grows his own fruits and vegetables.

18 Jan 2017

Banana Bags: Fruit Fabric Making a Social Statement

Clutches, lamp shades, handbags made out of banana fibre! Wondering if you misread banana fibre for jute? No.

18 Jan 2017